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Minnesota native is Levelle Timberlake, born and raised in Minneapolis. Graduated from St. Paul Central High School in '05. He's a young artistic, down to earth, intellectual man. Creative independent, very confident, and ambitious. A Minnesota artist with an innovative mentality, out going, and a writer.

He went from working two jobs taking care of his siblings. While attending Ai for Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. Things got a bit hard and tight. He had to withdraw from school in order to make more money to pay his bills and be there emotionally and mentally for them. He always knew his true passion, what he wanted to do, and accomplish. By 2010 he discovered this word called Mellifluous. Came up with this concept, a lifestyle with meaning that will not only defines him. The people around him, minorities like him, and those who have creative passions. Dreams and goals. MAB MINDZ was born and now were here

Being born, growing up, and living here has had much influence on him. It has came from his family, the communities he lived in, schools he attended, and his surroundings. His love for the Twin Cities 100% the art scene, the hip-hop culture, the punk, and urban lifestyles. He loves the history and growth of the state. He breaths and he is Minneapolis; which is his influence he would say.

No upcoming fashion shows planned as of right now. He has plans on being at SoundSet 2014. His working on hosting his first art gallery this March. Will keep you informed about that. As far as new collections, his currently pushing his LIVE A$ ROYALTY-BLUE ELEPHANT series. Which is the beginning of his winter '14 collection. What's next for them, California, United Kingdom, Toronto, and Tokyo. The first brand to have a spread cover in the first hard copy issue of M.

They can check out our online site here MABMindz

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Models: Simone Tullos and Sage The Timber Wolf(Check him out in the new "I Am Legend 2") 

Photos by Major Carter and Levelle Timberlake

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