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As the school year is about to begin the shopping list usually begins with school supplies and the backpack to fit it all in. Don’t fool yourself, the backpack is one of the first things people notice on a student so you want to be stylish, stand out from the crowd and at the same time you don’t want one that will fall apart or be uncomfortable. BARE Backpacks solved that problem with their very cool and stylish line of backpacks that will leave your friends asking “where did you get that?”

BARE Brixton

BARE Backpacks came to fruition in 2011 and is based out of Portland, Oregon. This would have to be the perfect spot to be home to this urban backpack line and you can tell that the region really inspired the line. BARE Backpacks come in some beautiful looking earth tones with rustic leather trims and buckle closures giving  it a  relaxed and distressed look that you don’t have to work to create. Of course you need room for your gadgets and BARE took care of that as the backpacks are equipped with a padded separate compartment for laptops and tablets, exterior cell phone pocket, and plenty of space for all other storage.


While these sound like they are going to cost you a bundle, they don’t! They are a bargain, all of them coming in at under $70.00 and if you have been to some of the stylish mall stores you are going to be paying for less with their backpacks. They are nowhere near the quality of BARE.

BARE has three different backpacks and they come in a wide variety of colors. The Tailor backpack is made from the highest quality canvas, paired with a buckle closure and Vegan leather trim, perfect for running around your college campus. The Lido will do a little more for you when you get outdoors as it is a great update to the classic rucksack.  A pull string entrance, paired with a durable canvas outer and magnetic snap closures make this stylish and easy to get in and out of. Finally the Brixton, almost what you would call the executive backpack. Amazingly stylish, this is an eye-catcher that is sleek looking while having a roomy main compartment and ample exterior pockets, more room than you can imagine.

This year no matter what your age or what your plans are, if a backpack is in your future I would take a look at BARE. It is likely to be your backpack of choice for years to come.

For more information BARE Backpacks , visit: and follow @barebackpacks on twitter

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