Marlowe and Lyric Opera of Chicago Review – A Fund Raiser Original

Lyric Opera of Chicago and Marlowe joined in a unique fund raiser. Marlowe is an Italian luxury brand and since its inception it has offered impeccable quality and refined sense of style to the most sophisticated customers around the globe.  Fortunately one of its stores is located right in the heart of Chicago, on the street level of the Park Hyatt Hotel on Michigan Avenue.  Shops can be found in San Francisco and Toronto. Marlowe continues the tradition of exquisite Italian workmanship - specializing in fine suiting, signature cashmere knitwear, shirts, scarves and leather accessories.  They are known for their cashmere.  You may be interested in knowing that:

Not all cashmere is the same, the proof is in the goat hair.

Fine cashmere, such as Marlowe’s is 100 % cashmere and ONLY the longer whiter hair of the goat. The majority of cashmere is a mix between the long hair and the short darker hairs of the goat.

Cashmere is season-less

Fine cashmere can be worn for softness and comfort and NOT for warmth.

Marlowe uses tissue weight cashmere.

You should not dry-clean cashmere (once every 6 months).  It should be handled less often and washing from time to time is best.

Cashmere does not wrinkle.

The items available for sale at the fund raiser were

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