Polar Peak Review - Another Answer for Cabin Fever

More eagerly awaited than a snow day, Polar Peak has arrived smack dab in the middle of MB Financial Park’s “Frozemont” (5501 Park Place, Rosemont).  At four stories high, Polar Peak offers a 260 foot run with a dip midway down that is certain to send you air born.  Just plunk your behind into a tube, wait for a friendly Frozemont employee to give you a push, and away you go.  My eleven year old daughter and her two friends give it a very enthusiastic thumbs up.  They also seemed to greatly enjoy hearing me yell down the hill.  It was scary.  Scary good.  So scary that I did it three times with each time more exhilarating as the last. This ain’t for the faint of heart, but it is for the young of heart.  And if your youngster is not quite ready for that big of a drop, there is also the much less intimidating kiddie run.  40 degrees and sunny?  No worries, there is enough manufactured snow to get you through any warm spell.

Thumbs up!

View from the top

A Winter Wonderland in Rosemont

Polar Peak is just one of the many things available for your amusement at Rosemont’s MB Financial Park.  To go along with the winter wonderland theme is a free ice rink (skates available for rent).  With its many fine restaurants, comedy club, bowling alley, and iFly, Rosemont has earned its reputation for being the ultimate staycation destination.  Considering all the hotels circling the ‘burb it might also be considered a worthy road trip destination in its own right.  If only the traffic in Rosemont moved as fast as an inner tube pushed down a steep hill.

Ice Rink at MB Financial Park

Everyone came out to do a little snow tubing

Bottom Line:  At $20/hour per person, Polar Peak is not cheap but it is truly an exhilarating ride that will leave you and/or your kid talking about it for days.  Parking is validated and there is also a discount available for large groups.  For more information about Polar Peak as well as the many other events occurring throughout MB Financial Park, click here or call (773) 327-3778.  Polar Peak will be open through January 19th




Photos by:  Noel Schecter

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