'You Me Her' Polyromantic Comedy Exclusive Interview and Review - SXSW 2016

You Me Her’ is a television series distributed by DirecTV and Entertainment One Television which premiered at SXSW on March 15th at the Vimeo Theater. The episodic screening had an extended Q&A with the creator and cast.

Stay tuned with the TV series every Tuesday 9pm, ET/PT on Audience DirecTV AUD, exclusively on Audience Network, Ch. 239 on DirecTV and Ch. 1114 on U-verse.

The creator of the show was interested in exploring extramarital affairs and alternative affairs and doing it in a way that wasn’t dark.  The creator of the show, John Shepherd,  said the reason they were allowed to develop the TV series was because they were given the space by the network and the studio to write it like a book and when you write something like a book you get to develop the whole thing. He said he developed something unexpected as a writer. He said, “It’s about three people’s experiences of an alternative relationship, and we wanted it to be provocative, but not an erotic show,” he said — “It could be every man’s fantasy, but ‘You Me Her' is not about sex, it’s about happiness.”

‘You Me Her’ is the television's first "polyromantic comedy," and infuses the grounded and relatable sensibilities of an indie comedy romance with a distinctive twist. What begins as an impulsive “date” between suburban husband Jack and neophyte escort Izzy, spins into a whirlwind three-way affair including Jack’s wife Emma, who’s been keeping secrets of her own. Their “arrangement” soon breaks free of its financial bonds to become something else entirely:  A real romance with real stakes involving three real people confronting viewers with a compelling question:" What if your best, truest, happiest life looked nothing like you thought it would?  Would you be brave enough to live it?"

'You Me Her' - Review Two First Episodes During SXSW 2016:

The series is a real twist of characters with entangled lives, who are brought together by the circumstances and also out of curiosity. The series has a realistic tone and such as the chemistry that each character build.

At first it seems that the show is about threesomes, but it suddenly becomes about  deep emotions.  The characters find the new and old awakening of senses and satisfaction in a new kind relationship based on true understanding, care and passion. The three main characters, Jack, Emma, and Izzy forms the perfect match of an unthinkable relationship forbidden by our society, but the relationship seems too real and full of energy that for the three of them it’s  difficult to avoid and they fall automatically into it. There are no victims, just a renewed feeling as a new kind of love and connection brings the best of them without limitations.  The TV series is very real and portrays regular people who find the light in the darkness, and it’s presented in the series with sense of humor since usually these kind of situations are portrayed on TV or movies like something very dark.

The lack of romantic chemistry between Emma and Jack gets rekindled with the presence of Izzy and makes their marriage better without blame. The series is explosive, witty, and extremely amusing. You won’t want to miss the upcoming episodes and find out the unruled world of a brainy and genuine polyromantic comedy with sassy, fresh and wise characters.  It's a series that has real emotional stakes, and puts the characters  in the real world.



LA Splash Magazine Exclusive Interview with the Cast and Creator by Yenis Monterrey.

Yenis Monterrey.- Melanie (Nina) Can you tell me who is Nina your character?

Melanie Papalia (Nina).- “Nina is spicy and firecracker, she came from a small town from a broken family. She has a bond together with Izzy. She looks after Izzy. They have a relationship like sisters.”

Yenis Monterrey.- What kind of escorts are Nina and Izzy?

Melanie Papalia (Nina).- “We aren't supposed to sleep with our clients. Nina, my character, is very secretive and sassy.  The world of Izzy and Nina as escorts is going into that kind of work to be able to pay tuition in college.  The creator John and Nisha the Director created a grounded and real world. We make it real and believable with our characters. There are people out there doing what Nina and Izzy are doing, but nobody talks about it, it’s such a tabu. My character as Nina is stronger than Izzy.”

Yenis Monterrey. Can you explain to me the mental stage of your roles?

Greg Poehle (Jack).-” Jack has been married for seven years. Jack and Emma still love each other very much. Jack is more concerned about what society thinks, and he has the most inner turmoil and he seems more preoccupied.  The series doesn’t portray Jack like a guy who had a sexual fantasy about bringing two women into his bedroom, Jack really struggles with it.”

Rachel Blanchard (Emma).-” I tapped the whole script as an actress. I read the whole script with three hundred pages, I knew the trajectory of the characters and where they were going and it helped me to ground myself. The story is essentially about relationships and I find myself easy to connect to it. My character Emma wasn’t able to express her true self and Izzy has helped her to come herself alive. ”Nisha the director was incredible, during the rehearsals where we had the opportunity to learn about the relationships between our characters.”

Priscilla Faia (Izzy).-” I relate myself to Izzy somehow, because when you are younger I was jumping into things without thinking it through. My character jumped into a relationship with two people and Izzy really has strong feelings for it and it’s very attractive to her, because she is hungry for a relationship, but at the same time she is confused by her one on one relationships. However, the relationship with Emma and Jack gives her the opportunity to express herself in a different way, she has never been with a woman before, and this is very exciting for my character.  When I got the script about the TV show, I got very interested and fascinated because it wasn’t all about sex and it was more about connection. I liked the concept of a girl who goes to graduate school and that she get the cut up with two people and avoiding an one on one relationships. I really liked the complicated situation. It was really exciting to explore something that I haven’t able to do in my life.  Izzy is hopeless romantic.  In addition, my relationship with Nina (Melanie) my roommate and best friend on the series it’s ultimate girl relationship since the are there for each other as best friend and just like sisters.“

Yenis Monterrey. I can’t imagine the process of shooting the scenes. Was it fun? The scenes are very odd and humorous. The interaction between the character doesn’t look dirty. What can you tell me about it?

Greg Poehler (Jack) .- “Yes, we had so much fun during the shooting.”

Rachel Blanchard (Emma).- “ What I like about the show is that explores women's sexuality that many times is underestimated, and portraying with the series that women are so hungry for a passionate relationship.”

Priscilla Faia (Izzy).- “We shot 10 episodes in 35 days and we had the creator of the show who wrote every single episode helped us through with our characters, he was there every single day.”

Yenis Monterrey.- The show is very energizing and at the same time unique.  How do you define the show?  I feel the show doesn’t just portray the man's or woman's side exclusively.  How did you find the balancing the male and female point of view while shooting?

Greg Poehler (Jack).- “The show is surprisingly funny and romantic and it brings to the table a relationship dynamic that haven’t been discussed.”

Rachel Blanchard (Emma).- “I define the show as a fun and entertaining show. We also had our very incredible Director Nisha Ganatra, and she was really good in balancing the male and female perspective that is quite uncommon in a show. “

Priscilla Faia (Izzy).-” The show is grounded, and the most attractive thing about the show is that the characters are normal people and will make the audience to think about their own relationships and we will get to see with the show the woman's side and the man's side of the story, and I feel the show is very balance on this topic. We will see everyone's experience and I think people will really enjoy watching the show.”

Exclusive Interview with the Creator John Shepherd by Yenis Monterrey

Yenis Monterrey.- People have the tendency to fall into affairs because they want to feel alive again and have an exciting life as at the beginning of a relationship. What can you say to me about the topic of infidelity and polyamorous relationships? Is it about validation?

John Shepherd.- “ We all want to feel appreciated and it’s that possible the motive that drives more of the affairs is the need of appreciation, the need of acknowledgment like saying “I’m worthy of your attraction”. The reality of being married with a person for a long time, and how it feels like, the need of approval of your spouse or partner. The Idea of extramarital relationship it’s not like to be treated constantly like an evil, betrayal or something wrong. When I saw a documentary on CNN about polyamory, and when I started watching it I said yes!  Not everyone's true happiest life looks like their neighbors; maybe it’s possible that three people are meant to be together, so the series is about a what if.  I’m a person and as as a writer I have a huge romantic idea and feeling of two people falling in love, but the idea of threesome relationship has a huge barrier in front of them, and if I can write this entire series about three people who are meant to be together that will be like the greatest novel ever.”

Yenis Monterrey.- What can you tell me about Izzy who is a younger (College student) and she is involved with an older couple Emma and Jack?

John Shepherd.- “Izzy is not a victim, she is smart and educated and she isn’t as young as a 19 years old, she is probably 25 or 26. She is empowered, she goes into this relationship without needing it. There are no victims here. The characters go into the relationship because of the circumstances about being in love and the attraction. Jack for example, thinks about how much he has to lose. He is not a guy who is trying to manipulate women. The relationship between the three of them work together and it works better than the two of them and it felt weird, and it’s not what it used to be. The question is “ Can you grow into that?” Can you accept that?, Can you have the guts to do that in front of the people of our society? The series is saying the trust about what’s behind doors.”

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