Wilma Elles – East Meets West

The German actress Wilma Elles is a key point where East meets West. The young actress was born in Cologne, Germany. Immediately after finishing acting school she got an offer to play a lead in a Turkish TV series. Wilma couldn’t speak Turkish! She learned her lines phonetically and succeeded to perform great acting and was awarded Best Actress many times.


Facing a greater challenge, Wilma was supposed to play the mean home wrecker of a nice Turkish family as a very ambitious Dutch Femme Fatale. Her great play made the Turkish people hate her so much that a group of people applied a petition to the Foreign Ministry that Wilma would be send out of the country. Of course it got refused as Wilma had all the papers she needed to legally be in the country.


After some time she learned Turkish and made her first appearance at the Turkish TV’s most famous talk show, ‘Beyaz Show’ with Megan Fox. That was the beginning of the Turkish people loving her. The common opinion was "Wilma ate Megan" and the Turkish people praised Wilma’s grace. 


The TV series ‘As Times Goes By’ was without any exemption the number one show of Turkey and has now been sold in 70 countries. As one the three lead roles Wilma gets many invitations and commercial, TV, film offers from the whole Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe. The TV series was so successful that it had a big impact on foreign countries. Everywhere the news spread that the TV series was the strongest soft power of the Turkish politicians.


Wilma did many projects with the German and Turkish embassies, as well as fashion shows, eight cinema movies, and designed her own clothing line. Her enormous work ethic and talent made her into one of the biggest names in the Eastern world. Due to a Turkish- American coproduction which will be in the American, Turkish and other countries’ cinemas soon Wilma is now spending some time in Los Angeles. In just a week she booked a role in an independent feature film. We are curious and excited to see what she does next!


Wilma Elles is the star of a new horror movie called Tragedy. Its written, directed and produced by Ersen Denk. The movie is about a family that moves into a house where some terrible things happened 70 years ago. When they find out the truth, it's already too late.. because there is NO WAY BACK..             

To find out more about the movie go to the Tragedy website


You can learn more about Wilma Elles from her bios on Wikipedia and IMBD

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