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Vicki Marie Taylor

Before we begin, Congrats on your recent work in "Silicon Assassins", and "Alongside Night" your volunteer work for Little Rock Film Festival and your other recent projects. Tell us more about these projects and what you did to prepare for them, and what else you're working on...

When did you know without any doubt that you wanted to act? I have always loved movies and I would watch TV as a young girl and go I want to do that someday. I have done that a couple of times. So the little girl in me is pleased.   I was excited to finally donate time to the Little Rock Film Festival.  I think it's great what they are doing for those with an interest in the industry in my hometown.  The arts in general are just so incredibly important.  It's an outlet and a form of escapism and that's part of what makes the arts so incredibly important.  

On Silicon Assassin, I will say that those who feel disgruntled so to speak with the current Healthcare policies in this nation should check out Silicon Assassin Ep. 5 " Window of Opportunity" it parallels Obamacare when a character goes to the hospital for treatment and is told that his money can not help him and he's handed a stack of papers.  Money is no longer an acceptable form of currency under the dictator and he finds this out when seeking medical care.  It is available on the Silicon Assassin LLC channel now for those who wish to view it and watch the parallels and the Libertarian/Conservative take on Obamacare through the Silicon Assassin project.  It's fun to be a part of a project that is also like a movement in a sense and that has a message for viewers.  I am not at all saying that it was directly the Obamacare that we were speaking out against but it does have what some could say were parallels that could be drawn in some of the scenes.  It was created by Mondo Cult creator Brad Linaweaver.  Another political film that I appear in is Alongside Night with Dr. Ron Paul and Kevin Sorbo and it is very Libertarian.  Lady Twilight becomes Lady Liberty in that one. The message is that Freedom isn't Dead. But we do tackle Obamacare with very obvious parallels as well as other things in these projects. 

In college I took 12 hours of Political Science and Foreign Relations and one of my required texts was a book by Sen. Tom Daschle titled "Getting It Done" How Obama and Congress Finally Broke the Stalemate to Make Way for Health Care Reform. I guess that you could say that I was well prepared for the scenes in Window of Opportunity as Lady Twilight. Hehe.  I would also like to say that what I believed was presented in the Healthcare policies and what actually rolled out were two different things.  I work with those directly affected by these Affordable Care Act healthcare policies on a daily basis in my real job. The Silicon Assassin project was actually filmed four years prior to my job that I am working now.   A little Twilight Zone appeal for you. Talk about a little bit of sci-fi. Fast forward "Lady Twilight "four years and I would really be working with the healthcare polices that we kind of spoke out against in character in that project. It's quite entertaining. Life imitating art.....Really! That also means that I get to hear the horror stories that you hear about on the news on an almost daily basis.  I have most recently seen the rising costs for premiums in 2016 but we all know that wages are not increasing to cover those costs.  I have actually had some people tell me that they want to cancel their policy and just take the tax penalty rather than pay the hiked plan rates. 

What inspires you to act? Right now I'm being inspired to sing .

When did you realize you had reached your goals as an actor? I have more goals in mind to reach. Right now I am focused on my music project.  I hope that the original artist doesn't hate my version.  We will have to see.  My fingers are crossed for a positive reaction.  The music project is something that I have wanted to do for a while for fun! My partner right now supports what I'm trying to do musically and thinks that it's a fun idea for me because it is so different from everything that I have done so far.  I can pretty much only do that to myself if I am in control of my project or what I have in mind.  It's all about just having fun with the material and not taking things too seriously.  Well it's all about the fun and a little bit about the escapism. 

What was your favorite role to date and why? The one that I play everyday when I wake up in the mornings. I would say that one. We are all actors.

Can we expect a book from you? You can. Soon. It will be everything that a good bio book entails. It will be both honest and juicy. I was asked if I would change names to protect certain individuals and I said absolutely not. They warned me of potential lawsuits and I simply said that the truth should never be altered. I will take a risk because people will believe what they are going to believe regardless . 

What is the best way for your fans to know what you’re working on? Facebook/Twitter? Do you post for your own sites or do you have your assistants do the posts? The best way is to continue following me on Facebook, website, Twitter.  I do not really use much of the social media platform.  I understand that it is a part of this new media wave but I do not use much of it.  I do and I don't.  I do have an assistant/PR rep that I hired that does my website.  I told her that I wanted a cute and poignant splash page with a few photos and she did a very cute job.  We work together on ideas.  I write and she polishes for me and provides ideas and angles. 

Tell us something new, something bold that you’ve never told any other magazine.  I have a message. This may take a while...  I was raised Catholic.  I met local AR Congressman French Hill at a midnight mass attending the same church. I am a person of faith.  I am a very deeply spiritual and mystical person.  I always have been.  I have always had these bizarre experiences anytime that I have put my Faith into question that reminded me without a doubt that God is very real.  I believe in God.  I have that connection. I believe that we should live by at least some rules in life and treat others how we wish to be treated and with respect.  I have dealt with a lot of disrespect but my faith keeps my head up above water. I want to share this story because I know that there are other women who have gone through this same thing and I want to reach out to them.   I want to talk about the broken system and the attitudes and let others like myself know that they are not alone.   A man should be able to contain himself at "no". If I want to be with a man sexually.  I won't tell him no or fight him off while they are crushing me or shaking my head violently or pushing me around.  I would not be begging him to stop and pleading with him while I prayed to God . It would be a very sensual and sexy thing.  I would invite him in.  He would know that I wanted him and that I welcomed him and there wouldn't be any question about it.  There's a difference.  There's a big difference when no means no.  Assault is assault. At "no" to continue to the point of compromising someone it becomes assault and should be treated as such. 

Not only that the law enforcement will  use these rape kits that sit on shelves for 20 years untested or just get tossed in the trash while these guys walk the streets and repeat the behaviors on someone else.  It is sad that is the way it is for women in those kind of situations.  There is not a good system for situations like these when the kits they place so much emphasis on go untested for years or even indefinitely.  The system isn't working.  The attitudes are even worse.  When a law enforcement official tells you that it's your fault that it happened well that is an attitude issue that is just as broken as the testing.  I have been told that it was my fault by a law enforcement official.  That is discrimination.   Discrimination of any kind I am not a fan of.  That is exactly what this is.   I am a beautiful woman and I'm proud to say that.   I am not at all ashamed of that.  Women should never be made to feel ashamed for being a woman or even being a sexy woman and for standing up for themselves and their rights' as women.  We as women have a right to be subjectively sexy if we wish but it doesn't mean that we are inviting ourselves to be compromised sexually . It simply means that we are celebrating our sexuality and that is all that it means.  Women should be celebrated and not shamed. Never compromised. 

I am a strong and college educated woman. I am a mom to a beautiful little girl who has to grow up during times in which there just isn’t much value based on the foundations and principles that even I was raised under.  This world is very different now than it was when I was her age.  I worry a great deal.   I worry greatly about her future as a woman as well.  These are very different times than they were when I was a little girl.   Yes, I love movies and I love music but there's been so many interviews repeating that over and over again.  Everyone knows that about me already.   It is time for some focus on real situations and matters that are concerning to be talked about as well.  I care about the future of my daughter and I care about what is going on in the world around me.  Sometimes it's ok to step outside of the comfort zone in these interviews and bring attention to very real matters and let others out there know that they are not alone.  Thank you for your time and for allowing me to speak with you and share all of this with you today.


God Bless! Pray for our country! Spread love and not hate! Also Go Rand Paul 2016 and Donald Trump 2016!  


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