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The new episodic series from AMC Networks ‘The Son’ had its world premiere during SXSW 2017.The western series had a two-hour premiere on Saturday, April 8th. ‘The Son’ airs Saturdays at 9 pm ET/PT on AMC. Watch the Two-Part Series Premiere Now for Free, now on Xbox One, Apple TV, Roku, AMC mobile apps, and AMC.

“The TV  series ‘The Son’ is based on the New York Times best-selling and Pulitzer Prize finalist novel, “The Son" by Philipp Meyer, who also co-created the show. The Son” series spans 150 years and covers multiple timelines and generations in the Murdoch family. The ten-episode, one-hour drama traces the story of Eli McCullough’s transformation from good-natured innocence to calculated violence, as he loses everything on the wild frontier, setting him on the path to building a ranching-and-oil dynasty of unsurpassed wealth and privilege. "The Son" deftly explores how Eli’s ruthlessness and a quest for power trigger consequences that span generations, as the McCullough’s rise to become one of the richest families reigning in Texas.”

The chronicle of ‘The Son’ is established in Texas during two different eras (dual timelines), and will progress along parallel narrative tracks: One charting the evolution of young "Eli McCullough" (Jacob Lofland, of “Mud” and “Justified”) in 1849 from callow innocent to hardened warrior after he is abducted by Comanches; the other in 1915 detailing the single-minded struggle of the older Eli (Pierce Brosnan) to make the transition from cattle baron to oil tycoon by any means necessary during the turbulent era of the Mexican Revolution and the Bandit Wars of Texas.  

LA Splash Magazine had a brief interview during SXSW World Premiere at Zach Theatre

Yenis Monterrey.- Philipp, What can you tell us about ‘The Son’ TV series from AMC Networks and your passion for Texas?

Philipp Meyer.-  The show stars Pierce Brosnan as "Eli McCullough." He is the head of a big family in Texas. 'The Son' series spans 150 years and covers multiple timelines and generations in the Murdoch family. We see in this series also a young teenager "Eli McCullough" played by Jacob Lofland. "Eli McCullough" tries to hold on to his empire and family dynasty. I created the show and was the executive producer. I am also the writer of the book the show is based on. I moved to Texas 12 years ago and I felt in love with the state and history. I wrote a book first and then I decided to be creative and turn it into a TV show.

Yenis Monterrey.- What can you tell me about your work behind the cameras on the TV Series ‘The Son.’ Was the TV planned to be shot in someplace else besides Texas based on the incentives?

Kevin Murphy.- I’m executive producer and showrunner of the TV show ‘The Son’ and I worked with Philipp Meyer to write the script and make the show possible and realistic. 

Our decision to shoot the show in Texas was also based on the creative part. The book is all about Texas and what we know today about Texas in terms of the resources, look, and feel. We shot the TV with a crew from Texas. It was very important to us that the TV show is based on the true history of the book. We did a budget for Texas and we had a budget for Alberta, even though Alberta makes more physical sense, we still chose to shoot in Austin because for us that was the right place to be.

We filmed in Texas because we wanted an American Indian cast or Latino cast; we wanted the talented people from Texas who can write, and have the right look. We wanted to settle down in the right environment for a film for Texas made in Texas.

Yenis Monterrey.- Your character as "Eli McCullough" seems to be a very complex character, what can you tell me about him? Is this your first time shooting in Austin TX?

Pierce Brosnan.- My Character as "Eli McCullough" is the patriarch of a family the McCullough’s family. We are in Texas during 1915. He is a man who has been broken apart by a war and violence, and he is a man of his time. This is my first time shooting in Austin TX during summer. I love the spring weather in Austin like today. I wish we could have this weather for the second season.

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Watch the Two-Part Series Premiere Now for Free


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