'Survivor's Remorse' Returns on Sunday July 24th at 10PM E/P - Are You Ready?

The third season of ‘Survivor’s Remorse,’ will be returning this weekend and will be airing on Starz TV Network on Sundays, premiering on July 24th at 10PM E/P.

The TV series was created by Mike O’Malley and executive producer LeBron James. The series is a 30-minute comedy-drama that centers around the lives of “Cam Calloway” (Jessie T. Usher) and his family.  Cam Calloway is a basketball star in his early 20s, who faced a life change after he signs a multi-million-dollar contract with a team in Atlanta. He arrives in Atlanta excited and eager to begin his career.  His cousin, manager, and confidant Reggie Vaughn (RonReaco Lee) joins him and he makes the effort to keep ”Cam” focused and away from distractions mostly caused by Cam's sister M-Chuck and opportunistic mom Cassie. Cam feels the responsibility to support his needy family and friends.  

Season three will take an unexpected turn since the Calloways must cope with uncle Julius' accident and the family bonds are put to the test as season three explores new shocking themes about parenting, sexuality, race, therapy, moral outrage, religion, and cultural divides. The characters will be encountering a lot of personal changes during the new season.

'Survivor’s Remorse’ embraces and tells the story of a black family and the challenges of having  fame, money,  success, and failure that basketball athletes and relatives have to face on their journey due to the booming and lucrative career from contracts and sponsorships that basketball players receive. Season one and two showed how the life of Cam and his family changed drastically from poverty to richness and also how they coped with their wealth and flamboyant lifestyles that include opulent mansions, lavish cars, and flashy accessories. 

Survivor’s Remorse,’ is a unique TV Show since it has a wonderful dialogue which is humorous, but at the same time very smart. Success doesn’t come easy as the characters have to learn how to be public figures but along the way they make mistakes and say things they shouldn’t say. ‘Survivor’s Remorse,’  shows the growing pains that a basketball player and his relatives are experiencing as they “Live the Dream.” 

Catch up on the Calloways with Survivor's Remorse on the STARZ app before the Season 3 premiere this Sunday at 10PM E/P. No TV package required.

LA Splash Magazine had an exclusive interview at the ATX Television Festival 2016 with part of the cast of ‘Survivor’s Remorse,’ Tichina Arnold (Cassie Calloway) and Erica Ash (M-Chuck Calloway) and Ali LeRoi- Co-Executive Producer & Director (Directed "Everybody Hates Chris”).

Yenis Monterrey.- ‘Survivor’s Remorse,’ is an incredible TV series and l particularly loved both of your characters in season one and two. What can you tell me about your character Cassie Calloway and M-Chuck Calloway and their evolution during season three? 

Tichina Arnold (Cassie Calloway).-” I play Cam’s mother and M-Chucks and my nephew is Reggie. My character is the glue that brings everything and everyone together, but she doesn’t do a very good job all the time, but Cassie is trying to bring all the family together as best as she can. She is a young mother and she has a very successful son. She is having access to the world that she had dreamed up when she was young and now she is trying to figure out what to do with all she has right now. During season three she finds love and she really loves to have a family; however, she has some dark secrets and she will be sharing them with her family during this season."

Erica Ash (M-Chuck Calloway).- “I play the sister of Cam, the daughter of Cassie and cousin of Reggie. She is the protector of her little brother, she is very loyal to her family. She is a little bit like a firecracker in season one and two, but in season three she is going still be a firecracker, but this time she in getting into self-exploration and self-discovery so the audience is going to see a new side of M-Chuck that they didn’t expect and she is going to push Cassie to uncover one of the dark secrets in season three. This season is going to be really interesting and as a matter of fact when I read my script my jaw dropped when I found out what the secret was...in fact,  Trichina found out about the script one week before I did and she said don’t tell Erica until the table read. There will be very interesting kinds of stuff revealed during Season three for ‘Survivor’s Remorse’.“

Yenis Monterrey.-The followers of the show are very excited and anxious about the continuation of season three,  the cast is very appealing and lively. The story line of ‘Survivor’s Remorse’ is also really fresh and different. We can’t wait to interact with social media with the cast. Nowadays is easy to catch up with a TV show with the streaming services and apps offered out there and being immediate to be able to catch up with a TV series. You either fall in love at first sight with a series or your hate it. Soon after, when we finally catch up with a TV series and you feel totally entertained, then you can’t wait what’s going to happen next. What do you think about it, since the fans feel like that with ‘Survivor’s Remorse’?

Tichina Arnold (Cassie Calloway).- “They are very excited about it because we are very excited about it. We are glad that the show is contagious when you start watching our show (laugh..) thanks to one of our fabulous team of writers and executive producer LeBron James”.

Ali LeRo (Co-Executive Producer & Director).- “The networks with all the changes nowadays don’t always like a show that is kind of a slow burn and people are slow to catch on, but the good thing is since we are going through season three people start hearing about the show and the buzz. They ask themselves what’s that? What’s going on? And then in this big watching culture to be able to go back and have 16 episodes right away available that are brought to the audience it’s really exciting and you really get a lot of momentum going into each season and then being able to go back to each episode whenever you want and being able to catch up and being able to interact with social media like twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and more these days with all the changes, we get super fans on which TV shows are able to be built.  You get to watch one show and then you can watch everything and then wonder what is going to happen next. We are very glad that we have a very enthusiastic audience”.

Yenis Monterrey.- How do you approach to the material of ‘Survivor’s Remorse’?

Ali LeRo (Co-Executive Producer & Director).- “My approach to the material of ‘Survivor Remorse’ is that it’s a TV show about a family that is facing challenges. This particular family has a particular set of challenges, they are young athletes who have been experiencing having a tremendous amount of money for the first time and it’s totally changing their life. It’s really a family story in this regard, and in terms of where the story is coming from, Mike O’Malley (Creator of the show) is a socially conscious guy who is looking at the behaviour of athletes in the news and events that are happening and feels he has a voice that now carries more weight that it didn’t carry before. Athletes should be asking themselves about: Am I a role model? How important are the words that I say matter? How responsible do I need to be for the people that I think I owe something to? When can I say yes, when can I say no? Is it safe? Can I be in a relationship? What would happen if I try? As a writer of the show I have real people questions that go into the writing and we are in the process of fleshing them out and fitting them into these characters and that is what creates the show”.

Yenis Monterrey.- The diversity on the TV shows seems to be the trend in all TV shows recently. The show  represents a segment of the black community who are developing in the world of sports and ‘Survivor’s Remorse’ has great role models to follow with Cam Calloway (played by Jessie T Usher) and being able to become and reach out the voice of many athletes who are put in the same position no matter the color of skin or race, since the show it’s mainly based on the life of athletes. What’s your input?

Tichina Arnold (Cassie Calloway).- “I think that diversity nowadays is really important, but in terms of having a show that is predominantly a black cast like our show ‘Survivor Remorse,’ it’s important to know that the way our show has been written and the subject matter that the show tackles is extremely diverse. It applies to a white upper middle class, upper class, or very lower class white family, and the issue that we have on the show could be equal to anyone across the board not matter what your income, ethnicity, or experience. Our show has a very charming way of tackling things that most of the time end up in the news once our show is out. Also, our team of writers is so diverse and they have great ideas that they are sharing and we try as actors to put it in our story line. Our show is reaching a broader demographic of people”.

Erica Ash (M-Chuck Calloway).- “ Our show is already diverse, we don’t try to be diverse. You know the basketball world is very diverse, you will find a lot of black players, so we are already in a diverse setting and you have a TV show with an incredible black cast.”

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