Spotlight On Shawn Clifford

Shawn Clfford

With a unique look that can either be hipster, geek, or working-class hero, Shawn Clifford is already building a respectable resume that any young actor can be proud of. 
After getting his start in the Bay Area musical theater scene, Clifford was cast alongside his best friend Noah Collins as pair of bullies in the feature film, "The Boat Builder," with Christopher Lloyd. He also landed a recurring role on the Netflix teen hit, “Thirteen Reasons Why,” which was also filmed in the Bay Area. “The SF Market is ripe for the taking because the of the projects that are filming up there as long as you know your stuff,” Clifford explains, “but Los Angeles is the place to make a name for yourself as an actor and break out of the day player roles.” Since then, he has moved to Los Angeles to pursue meatier roles.
With Los Angeles being the capital of the entertainment industry, Clifford finds himself auditioning more frequently and for bigger projects. Because of his youthful appearance paired with a surprisingly deep and mature emotional well, casting directors have a hard time agreeing on his age range… which is not a bad problem to have as an actor - having a large range means that Clifford can be seen for more projects and out-of-the box casting decisions. He just played a middle aged construction worker on Criminal Minds and a complex, southern bully in the the pilot episode of Marc Cherry’s Reba McEntire vehicle, “Red Blooded.” He was flown out to Georgia to film the pilot and filmed two scenes with Reba McEntire herself. If that wasn’t enough, Clifford also just finished a one day guest star on the hit show,“ This is Us,” opposite series lead, Sterling K. Brown.
More than just a dramatic actor, Clifford studies comedy at the famed Groundlings Theater. He also sings and specializes in musical improv, with his own troupe, aptly named "This Day in History," specializing in historically themed musical improv – not an easy feat! He would love to marry his love for comedy and drama by working on a dark comedy, Coen-brothers-esque project. This New England Patriots fan and fantasy football player is off to a great start!
Interview by Susan von Seggern


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