Spotlight on Gregg Christie

Gregg Christie

L.A. native Gregg Christie was born with the business in his blood and a face so adorable he started acting as a baby. They say that “it is who you know” in the business and even as a toddler, Christie got his first break as a celebrity photographer when his uncle gave him his first closeups.
Celebrity encounters were the norm growing up in North Hollywood.  Charles Bronson saved his life at a diner by performing the Heimlich on him as a baby without breaking a sweat or his conversation and Christie’s walk to Toluca Lake Elementary School would include waving to character actors and TV stars. After school, Christie would stop at the El Portal Theatre, where one or two friends would buy a ticket and the rest would get in free from a side door. It was there he would watch John Wayne marathons, Bob Hope comedies and musicals, living an “American Graffiti” youth in a more innocent time.
“We’d build forts, no one locked their doors, and we played ball every chance we got,” says Christie, who left acting behind for an athletic baseball scholarship. A baseball injury sent his life down another path and three years ago, Christie decided it was time for him to fulfill his destiny and return to acting. Despite the competitive sport that is the grueling audition process, Christie is already thriving, with lead roles in theatre, as well as parts in the new “McGuyver” and Tyler Perry films. 
“I don’t feel there’s any limitation,” says Christie, with his eye now on a different ball. “It’s a business that can beat down on you, but below all the pain and misery we go through, there’s something alluring about living your dream.” - by Heidi Siegmund Cuda

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