Spotlight On Giovannie Espiritu - From Telemarketing To Recurring Role On "ER"

Giovannie Espiritu

Giovannie Espiritu started acting on a fluke. She was talking to a telemarketer when he suggested that Espiritu should do voice-overs because of her pleasant sounding voice. At the time, she didn’t even know what a voice-over was, so she looked it up on the internet and sent a letter to one of the biggest agencies that she could find in the Bay Area. They called her in, signed her on the spot, and sent her off to her first audition, which she ended up booking. 
While living in San Francisco, she met casting director, Sara Isaacson, who invited her to audition for the long-running TV show, “ER.” Espiritu ended up booking a recurring role on the show and started her film/TV career. Since then, Giovannie Espiritu has been steadily racking up credits: she was nominated alongside Academy Award nominees Alfre Woodard and Amy Irving for Best Supporting Actress at MethodFest for the Mynah Films feature film, “Fiona’s Script.” Her other credits include roles on “Bones,” “Gilmore Girls,” and “Trauma.” She can currently be seen as the series lead in the Revry Network series, “Dyke Central,” which was featured in After Ellen, BuzzFeed, and Curve Magazine as a top lesbian series to watch.
Espiritu, who also is a top acting coach for kids and teens in the Bay Area, finally took the leap and moved to Los Angeles last year, after being inspired by several of her students finding success. “I think the biggest fear for me was being a small fish in a big pond, but it helped to know that I had a community down here that I could turn to,” she says. She immersed herself in improv studies at Upright Citizens Brigade and signed with Paloma Agency and WAW Entertainment. 
“It feels like starting over,” she says. “In the Bay Area, acting is more of a fun hobby for people, but in here in L.A., the entertainment industry is in their bones and blood. People here are hungry for it. It’s like a big ol’ creative soup pot. Everyone is so talented.”

Still from Paranormal Huntresses

Now that Los Angeles is starting to feel like home, Espiritu has set her sights on writing and producing more content, particularly to create more roles for women of color. One of her shorts, “Paranormal Huntresses,” is playing at the Palm Springs LGBT Film Festival at the end of September. Not only is she the producer and editor on the film, Espiritu plays the character of Janna, one of three friends who decide to open a ghost hunting agency with absolutely no experience. 
Although she is still learning the ins and outs of the Los Angeles industry, Espiritu has not lost sight of her ultimate goal: to create more compassion for one another by breaking audiences’ hearts wide open and showing them how to walk in someone else’s shoes through storytelling.
“I came to the conclusion that there just isn’t enough time in one’s life to do everything that I want to do, and that’s what I love about acting: being able to experience more than just one life and changing the way that people think at the same time,” she says. Spotlight on Giovannie Espiritu by Misty Lane.

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