South Jersey Native Tommy Florio Is Making An Impact On The Entertainment Industry

Tommy Florio

Tommy Florio, 22, is a South New Jersey native that has a creative, energetic and entrepreneurial spirit.  Tommy has always been passionate about his love for arts and in his late teens, began actively pursuing acting and looked at it as an outlet for his creativity. He has always felt it was his instincts to be an actor.  Tommy began working with a vocal coach, and at the ripe age of 19, began writing his own music.  He took numerous road trips to places such as Montreal and Florida, from which he was able to derive inspiration to create music. During college he would perform his music at local coffee shops. He also would attend auditions daily, act in a independent films and had numerous background roles in films. 

He attended school at Fordham University, in New York City, where he studied business, entrepreneurship and also began refining his acting skills.  Tommy wrote, produced, directed and starred in a short film for the Campus Movie Festival, which won for Best Drama.  Some of Tommy’s acting inspirations include Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert DeNiro, Heath Ledger, River Phoenix and James Dean. Tommy says, “I want to spend months immersing myself into a roll.  I want to be that character and block out everything else in life. I love the intensity of method actors and what they bring to the screen.”

Additionally, in May of 2015, Tommy submitted a one minute pitch video to ABC’s 20/20 Sales Challenge, with Kevin O’Leary, of Shark Tank and won his sales challenge on national television out of thousands of students from all over the country. Tommy’s app, CreateMate, which is a social marketplace for creative individuals to create, connect, and collaborate on jobs and projects anywhere, was the reason why he was part of the show. CreateMate gained a significant amount of attention in the creative community in New York.   

Tommy Florio

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