Scott Cruz From Extra to Extraordinaire

Scott Cruz a New York City Native is my choice of this years LA Splash "Fresh Faces".  The gifted musician and recording artist recently released the singles Mirrorotic and King of Solitude, which are representative of Scott's musical prowess.  A multi-talented composer and performer, Scott has five prestigious Telly Award wins for music scoring for television. Scott has been recognized for his musical works which have been featured on major television networks including Discovery Channel, History Channel, and the 3net/Sony Imax Channel.

Scott Cruz New York City Native LA Splash "Fresh Faces" Feature photos by Gisele "Shooter Diva" Partyby5

Cruz has a wealth of talent, as well as a gift of vision. He has been an invited guest on such shows as the Real Housewives of Orange County with Tamra Judge. He is known to connect with the past, see the present, and foresee an individual's life trajectory for the future. He is a teacher of the power of consciousness.  Cruz also helps guide individuals into vibrational alignment with self and toward what is desired for their path here in the physical realm.  Scott connects with his listeners and fans through his creative gift of musicality. He touches fans and admirers on several levels through his powerful gift and powerful music.

Scott Cruz "Bottom Feeders" available on iTunes

Cruz an Aquarius, was born in Staten Island, New York on February 2nd 1982. That will explain a lot. At the age of 6 he moved with his family to more of a country-like location in a town called Howell, New Jersey, by the age of 12 moved to Boca Raton, Florida. Multiple relocations was as horrible as it sounds for him. By the age of 20, Cruz decided it was time to get the hell out of Florida and move to a location that was more serving to those with artist expressions which obviously brought him to L.A. where he has been residing ever since. 


Scott Cruz From an Extra in "Coming To America" to Extraordinaire Musician

Cruz got his first Fischer Price piano at the early age of 5 years old. With its distorted tones, whip sounding loop beats and a mic input, this 5 year old was going to town! Always in-tune (as he so remembers it), un intended, to things of the music construct. By the age of 8 he was finally allowed to play the family's living room Casio keyboard. "Ohhhh! My mom used to play “A time for us” from Romeo and Juliet on the keyboard with sheet music. I would always hear the melody and so when I would sit down and play, I would try to play the song. My mom would come over and ask “Scott, how did you learn how to play that?” I replied, “I remember hearing it and just knew where to find the keys.” At that moment, Scott says "my parents and I knew I was developing an ear for music. I would always create my own melodies and arrangements on the Casio keyboard. As I got older, I would get leads in school musicals and church. I also was acknowledged at many singing competitions". In 1998 Scott attended a Magnet High School in Florida for musical theatre and acting where he first began to put lyrics and music arranging together and rigging his own set up to tape and record songs.  His first dable into acting professionaly was a part as an Extra in the movie  "Coming to America.  As of now, his latest single is called “Bottom Feeders” which can be found on iTunes. 


Scott Cruz Model, Actor, Composer, Musician releases new single "Bottom Feeders", photos by Gisele "Shooter Diva" Partyby5

Mirrorotic - Single by Scott Cruz
King of Solitude - Single by Scott Cruz
 Photos courtesy Gisele/Partyby5, Sources HandsonPR

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