'Royal Pains' Farewell USA Network - Final Episode in 6 Days

USA’s Royal Pains TV series will end after its upcoming eighth season finale next week on July 6, 2016.  'Royal Pains' became one of the highest-rated shows on cable and airs on Wednesdays 10/9C on USA. This farewell season focuses on the relationships and dynamics at the heart of 'Royal Pains.’  The TV series has an international presence in over 30 countries and compels viewers that idealized the world in the Hamptons with Dr. Hank Lawson as the guide and watching him grow as a man and help other people.

The musical countdown was last night, the penultimate installment before next week's series finale. The series finale features the return of several familiar faces, as a literal chorus of former patients tell Dr. Hank Lawson how much his treatment changed their lives which makes the Doctor realize that maybe the love from the community is all he needs.

Royal Pains is an American television drama series that premiered on the USA Network on June 4, 2009. The series is based in part on actual concierge medicine practices of independent doctors and companies. The cast of the show includes Mark Feuerstein, Paulo Costanzo, Jill Flint, Reshma Shetty, Brooke D'Orsay, Ben Shenkman, and Campbell Scott. The series follows Hank Lawson, a young emergency room doctor, who after being wrongly blamed for an important patient's death, moves to the Hamptons and becomes a reluctant "doctor for hire" to the rich and famous. When the administrator of the local hospital asks him to treat the town's less fortunate, he finds himself walking the line between doing well for himself and doing good for others.

Yenis Monterrey from LA splash Magazine interviewed the cast of 'Royal Pains' at the ATX Television Festival 2016.

Yenis Monterrey.- How have been your experience in Austin with the Austin Television Festival?

Mark Feuerstein.- “First of all Michael was one of the first people that Caitlin and Emily called when they decided to start a television festival in Texas to celebrate television and TV for people who love TV. We were here to celebrate the second year of this festival and now we are here again to celebrate the 5th year and we were so thrilled to be here and celebrate our musical episode here to all the people that came to the festival. Our experience with the panel was awesome and we were happy to meet people who have been watching our show, since they have been watching it for 7 years. It is such an amazing moment for us to look back and celebrate a show that we had the best time making and we enjoyed watching. We all love each other, so our experience at the festival is like a reunion for us.”

Yenis Monterrey.- With all the changes in social media, the interaction with the audience has changed, and 'Royal Pains' has definitely had some growing pains. What was the secret of the show to keep up with all the changes and being able to survive for 8 years, since unfortunately many shows with changes are canceled prematurely?

Mark Feuerstein.- ”Yes! You are right about a lot of shows being canceled prematurely that’s why when we were picked up for a 7th and 8th season we were so thrilled and the writers were so happy and grateful that they were able to write and develop the full arc of the show and also develop in a timing manner all the character journey in a proper way in the show. The secret of the show is that there are people in our world that like in their life to sit down after the end of a very hard day and escape and open a world where people are relatively attractive are doing novel things in a beautiful environment and that is how 'Royal Pains' developed. We were part of this blue sky moment in the story of USA Network where you get to escape in a really clean and nice world where people behave well.”


Yenis Monterrey.- In the process of developing the story on the small screen, what were the major challenges in developing the end of  a TV show that also was about to end on season 6?

Mark Feuerstein.- “We didn’t know at the end of season 6 if we were going to be picked up or not. We had kind of ended that season with the possibility that was going probably to be the end of the series and we had put the feeling in the finale that it could be the end, but probably wasn’t. Luckily we got picked up for the next two seasons which gave the writers room and a huge opportunity to chart out the characters how we wanted them to finish out the series. We had the privilege with the network and also an amazing opportunity as writers to map out how we wanted the series on our own terms and made us have a very special experience that was very satisfying for the audience.”

Yenis Monterrey.- How do you feel about your journey as an actor 8 years sharing like a family with the cast and crew and the biggest?

Paulo Costanzo.-”First at all I want to talk about the fact that we are like a family, but every single long-running show says the world “family” and it becomes almost like a cliche for people to say it. I spend a long time thinking about this and I said: “Why it feels like a family?” (smiles)...but to me the biggest thing that feels like a family is a familiarity and permanence meaning this: if you get into a fight you know you are going to see that person the next day and you know you are going to be there no matter what. We have all these people that we have around every single day and we are sharing the experience of making a show. Making a TV show is like going into a war in a way, because you are surrounded by elements that are constantly working against you: time, money, location, and a lot of other details such as personalities - luckily we didn’t have this problem in our show. Sharing all these experiences together as the people involved a TV show became part of us, and we certainly spend more time with them than our own families and really became like a family with all the aspects I mentioned before, many of them very uncomfortable, but we worked it through and made ourselves stronger with each struggle. Ending the show on July 6th for us is the end of us being together as a family and we will have to wait for a new reunion sometimes in the future again maybe in 10th or 15th years. I’m marveling at the power of that in a lifetime because the show won’t be happening again for any of us, but I’m very hesitant to say it was the best time of my life.”


Yenis Monterrey.- By the time 'Royal Pain' started 8 years ago, we didn’t have so much diversity on Television like we have nowadays on TV, everyone is talking about diversity right now about Latinos, Blacks,  and Asians and experiencing a diversity of accents. I was particularly very surprised to see such a talented and beautiful Indian woman with such a powerful character on TV as a doctor who is a smart and driven woman. How do you explain your experience throughout all these years?

Reshma Shetty.- “I think you are totally right, years ago ethnic female actresses weren’t portrayed in television as often. The fans have been following my character and the cultural aspect of “Divya Katdar” since she was born and became that powerful character. And yes!  - as an ethnic actress we wanted her to portray an important character and have great opportunities and I feel very honored of being able to be part of the evolution and changes.”

'Royal Pains' Mark Feuerstein at the ATX Television Festival Season 5 (Snapchat) It's going to be hard saying good-bye to 'Royal Pains'. #RoyalFarewell

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