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Do you remember 90’s star Patsy Kensit? Patsy was a child star who acted with Mia Farrow in The Great Gatsby at the tender age of six. Later on, she starred alongside Mel Gibson as his character's love interest in Lethal Weapon 2. The model and actress also dated Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher who fathered her son Lennon. These days, the actress is still in the spotlight having recently starred in UK TV show Celebrity Big Brother. But what is she doing now, and what's in store for her next? This role model for women in their 40s seems unstoppable.

Since 2003, Patsy has been the voice of online roulette and casino game site 32Red. The star uses her smooth British accent to set the ambiance for the site's online casino games and her role gives the brand a voice and a fame that customers can identify with. Her well-spoken accent helps bring clarity to games like Blackjack, Bingo and Roulette as she calls out numbers and guides users on the site. Patsy was among the first of a host of celebrities who have signed up to represent casino brands, including Paris Hilton and Verne Troyer who played Mini Me in the Austin Powers films.

Patsy Kensit

Earlier this year Patsy took time out from her 32Red work to launch her very own range of beauty products, called Preciously Perfect. The star was involved in every stage of the product development for the range, which is made from natural ingredients like seaweed, cucumber and aloe vera.

"Women of my age who have had a career, kids and are still dealing with all of the above tend to be very selfless," she told Good Housekeeping in an interview recently. "We just don’t take time out for ourselves and I wanted to produce a range that would be used by those women."

That range of products is available from UK shopping channel Ideal World UK and includes:

Skin Firming Serum: containsa muscle relaxant to help minimize wrinkles and fine lines

Revitalize & Restore Night Cream: with vitamins and minerals to rehydrate tired skin overnight

Purifying Dual Mask and Cleanser: a rich and hydrating formula that gets rid of impurities

Anti Wrinkle Day Moisturiser: protects skin against sun damage

Smooth and Brighten Eye Cream: smoothes fine lines around the delicate area of the eye

Patsy says a childhood watching stars put on their makeup and listening to their beauty secrets helped inspire the products.

Aside from her personal projects, Patsy has also enjoyed an acting career on British televisions. She is famous for having turned down the role of Emily in Friends after she realised she couldn't put her relationship with Liam Gallagher at risk from long distance love. In 2004, she landed a role as Sadie King in the hit UK soap Emmerdale. Sadie was a scheming character that made Patsy notorious with the British public. She recently gave an interview saying that she misses being on the soap and living in the North of England, where it is set and where Gallagher comes from. Could she be about to go back to the dales? In 2007, Patsy left Emmerdale to star as Faye Byrne in the UK hospital drama Holby City and not long after that she was seen on the popular TV show Strictly Come Dancing, where she competed on the dance floor with other stars. She survived the show for 8 weeks before being voted off.

Patsy also found the time last year to star in the TV show Celebrity Big Brother, where celebrities are put into a house under surveillance for several weeks. Patsy said the experience was a stressful one, with lots of clashing “egos” amongst the group of stars. So much so, in fact, that she claims she lost 2 stone (28 pounds) due to the strain of appearing on the show. At one point she accused the show's producers of poking fun at her love of meditation, but with the support of her friends in the house she pulled through the awkward celebrity challenges and emerged from the house defiantly stronger.

You can be sure that 2016 will hold countless new chances for you to catch up with Patsy Patsy, so stay tuned!

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