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Patrick Fischler! Courtesy Photo

Patrick Fischler is currently starring in Californication as Gabriel, and is known for his breakout roles on Mad Men and Lost.  He and his wife Lauren Bowles (True Blood) premiered their short film "The Test" which they wrote and starred in at the Santa Barbara Film Festival.  Patrick is also an LA native- his family owns the famed Patricks Roadhouse on PCH. Fischler recently sat down with Splash Magazines to discuss his upcoming projects and he road to fame.

The following has been edited for continuity purposes.

Sargent: Why did your parents introduce you to film and was this a passion of theirs?

PF: My dad always loved movies. So from a young age I was going to the theater to see everything.  Maybe not the best thing for a young kid considering I saw Carrie in the theater when I was 6. Nonetheless I grew up appreciating all genres of film and still do. 

Sargent: When was it when you knew this was the career path that you'd like to embark on?

PF: Probably in my teenage years I realized this is what I wanted to do. I always knew I would be involved in the business in same way, shape or form. It was around 14 I knew it would definitely be acting. 

Sargent: What was it like spending a few years in South Africa?

PF: Life changing to say the least. Don't forget it was 1984 so it was a very turbulent time down there. 

Sargent: Did spending some time in South Africa change your outlook, if so-how?

PF: I think it's very important to learn that the world consists of more than just the USA. That's especially true for a 13 year old kid. Learning about different cultures  is eye opening. Also the fact that it was the height of apartheid. I went to an American International school so I feel like I was in a little bit of a bubble. But it was very hard to understand why my black friend from school wasn't allowed to go to the same movie theater with me. We would cause such a scene every time. It made me learn at a young age to fight hard for what you believe. 

Patrick Fischler! Courtesy Photo

Sargent: You've been a part of some really great films/television shows! Congrats on all of your achievements thus far! When you first started out-did you ever think you would be where you are now?

PF: When I first started out I didn't really think too much about the future. I was so excited to be working at all. And to be totally honest I'm still excited to be working. I keep thinking the best is yet to come. 

Sargent: What is it like working with Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg?

PF: I only got to work with Denzel and all I can say is he is a master. To be able to do scenes with him is humbling. He is so grounded and intense.

Sargent: Who do you hope to collaborate with in the future?

PF: Martin Scorsese or Vince Gilligan. Someone please let them know.

Sargent: What inspired your love for both film and your passion for cooking?

PF: My love of escapism inspired my love for film. And my passion for cooking came from loving to eat. And to feed others. There is no greater gift you can give then a home cooked meal.

Patrick Fischler! Courtesy Photo

Sargent: Major changes in your life after the birth of your child?

PF: I now make sure to try and breathe before I react. Also the realization that quiet time is now very very rare.

Sargent: Future goals?

PF: To keep working. And keep producing our own films.

Sargent: Words of wisdom for anyone wanting to pursue a career in acting...

PF: If there's anything else you love to do then do that instead. If there isn't then don't give up.

In this next section please complete the sentence:

Sargent: An average day at home I:  

PF: Wake up, get out of bed, drag a comb across my head.

Sargent: Last thing I googled was 

PF: 14 x 18 white wooden picture frames

Sargent: Favorite thing to do when not on set

PF: nap. Oh wait I do that on set. Oops.

Sargent: People wouldn't guess, but I love to

PF: Wake up at dawn on Saturday mornings and meditate at the beach.

Sargent: I'm most comfortable when I  am

PF: laying in my bed with my wife with a glass of wine watching Revenge.

Sargent: Favorite thing to cook is

PF: lentil and sweet potato stew

Sargent: Favorite thing for my family to do is

PF: rock out to the band Fun.
Sargent: Moment you knew you made it  

PF: have I made it??


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