Newest Teen Heart Throb: Nick Robinson

Many of you might know him as Ryder Scanlon, from the new show Melissa and Joey,  the young boy forced to live with his aunt (Melissa Joan Hart) after his family is jailed.   Not only is this new teen heartthrob forced to deal with his family situation, but he faces the usual teen traumas - school, girls, nanny,  and friends.   Now, he is making his way into the movie business and is fresh off the set of a new Disney Channel film that he just completed with the girls from Shake up. 

Nick at the LA Mission

 It was the theatre that first gave Nick Robinson the acting bug.  He was eight when he joined the group, Bound for Broadway, in his home town of Seattle.  From community theatre, he went onto the stage of legitimate plays.   It wasn't long after that he was urged by a friend to seek representation in Los Angeles and was immediately picked up by the Savage Agency.   It only took two auditions for the ABC to pick him out of the line up and feature him on the new show. 

 " I love theatre.  It's where I started, but I enjoy doing the sitcom and now the movies."  He explained that theatre is different than TV or film because you have to be more intimate with the audience and you are on 1:1 when being filmed.  In theatre, you are projecting over an audience of 100 or more. 

 "The thing I really like about acting of any sort is that you can step into someone else's shoes without feeling the consequences. You can explore their lives and then at the end of the day be yourself.  "


Nick Robinson and co-star Tsylor Spitler of Melissa and Joey

Currently home schooled, which he likes because he can go at his own pace, he hopes that when he moves to Los Angeles later in the year, he will attend a regular school, but Seattle will always be home to him.   Favorite subjects include English and Science. 

 The oldest of five, he describes his family as a modern Brady Bunch as he has two older step siblings. 

 Does he think that being a child star has changed him?  His friends obviously don't believe that as "they haven't changed in how they treat me."  He has no future career plans other than to continue acting.  "I just love it."   Working with Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence, he says, are good experiences for me because they both worked as child stars and have managed to create a sane life path . 

 Girls, he is single. "I don’t know that I have time for my career and a relationship, too. They both require so much work."  The women he likes, however, are ones with a good sense of humor and don’t take themselves too seriously.  He does enjoy Twitter and Facebook and spends time on the social media sites where he loves to connect with his fans.   

  Home for the summer break after just having wrapped his 30th sitcom episode, he is looking forward to hanging out  with his friends and playing the ukulele, which he learned after a theatre role and found he enjoyed.   He tries hard to stay grounded, humble and maintain a normal sense of life.  An avid swimmer and snow skier, he also enjoys golf and is passionate about muscular dystrophy.

 While he very much enjoys comedy, and loves making people laugh, he would love to do some dramatic parts, as well.  "I'd love to work with Leonardo DeCaprio,  Quentin Tarantino, and James Frankel."

 For further contact, Nick can be reached through his manager, Nils Larsen (310 274 4474) or the Savage Agency (323 461 8317.)  Watch the return of Melissa and Joey on Tuesdays in June at 8 pm. 

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