Monika Jakisic - The La La Girl Speaks About George Clooney's Arrest

Monika Jakisic - The La La girl


Hi everyone,

Hollywood has been rather quiet following the buzz of the Oscars, but I've been out and about to bring you my news. 

I've discovered, contrary to belief, it is not always glitz and glamour being a Hollywood star....

George Clooney, Monika Jakisic


My good pal, George Clooney was arrested at the Sudanese embassy in DC last week, after taking part in a protest to warn of a humanitarian crisis in the volatile border area between Sudan and South Sudan.  He was detained alongside his dad, Nick, but both have now been released after paying bail.

Every time, I've been out with George - he's always passionately talked to me about the humanitarian crisis raging in the area - even if we've been partying - he's talked about it. George has always said - Everyone needs to take notice of it.

Also, this week, I was so happy to welcome back my dear friend, Breakout Kings actress, Serinda Swan back to the Hollywood Hills. Bravery and kindness, Serinda, has in abundance. 

She's just cycled hundreds and hundreds of kilometres in the scorching heat in Cambodia to raise money for charity, Friends to Mankind - and highlight the plight of thousands of young girls who are being sold into sexual slavery.  "What I just did is nothing in comparison to what thousands of women and children have suffered there," she told me when she turned up to the pad we share. "It was inspiring. I pedalled harder. Ever rotation was a joy, an honour to be able to be doing for them." It's an honour counting Serinda as a friend and my housemate. She came back home armed with gifts .... amazing Shulin Jasmine tea and bracelets for all.  

But back to reality and La La Land, I bumped into one of my favorite actors, Will Smith, at Soho House, in West Hollywood. Before saying hi, my big question was: is Will the genuine, comical guy we think he is? My answer is a definite yes. He was super-polite and before leaving, came over to me and said: "It was really sweet meeting you. Good-bye." The man is a true Hollywood gent! 

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