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Vh1 Couple's Therapy Star Kelsey Nykole Interview (Through The Eye's Of A Dreamer) -The Jewel Wrap Up

By Rubee Jewel

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Kelsey Nykole Speaks on the Dream's of a Midwest Princess

I got the chance to chat with Vh1 Couple's Therapy season 4 Star Kelsey Nykole. Although her reason for being on the show is to figure out her relationship with Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah. Kelsey has created a shine for other reasons.

Kelsey Nykole grew up listening to her father in sing in church

She is just a interesting girl. With a street/classy way about her. She gives off that "Im Always A Lady" but "Try Me" I love that.It makes people want to know her.With style, personality and a fierce mohawk Kelsey has added a sense of flavor to the couple's rehab house that no other season of Couple's Therapy has brought before. What i like about Kelsey Nykole aka "The Midwest Princess" she seems to not be ashamed to make herself vunerable to the world. In order to figure out her situation with the popular rapper. The show is about difficult relationships and complicated couples. Different celebrity couples come together for 2 weeks to live in the same house.They decided to take their relationships troubles to relationship expert and therapist Dr. Jenn Berman.

Vh1 Couple's Therapy just got sexy

I wanted to get to know a little about Kelsey so I called her up. Now I have known of her for years through her music and mutual friends. She is a very well known and popular artist from the midwest.


Kelsey Nykole grew up in Indianapolis, IN Kelsey tells me how difficult it was moving around alot.

Rubee: What was like growing up in Indiana?

Kelsey Nykole: I grew up a middle child of 10 kids we moved around alot I was a girl that came from a small city with a huge imagination.Growing up at first was a little challenging.I was bullied pretty badly in 5th grade which changed me alot.So by the time I got to middle school and high school. I was already making a name for myself. I was a cheerleader and a pretty good student with a 3.0 GPA.I was very popular. However I still had my troubles and challenges here and there like being pregnant in high school but I didnt let that stop me it only made me go harder.

Kelsey Nykole create's a happy medium between Sexy, Edgy Rnb and Pop in her music

Rubee: What do you think as an artist sets you apart from other artist?

Kelsey Nykole: My grind, my hustle and my journey thus far.I have been fearless, doing things other artist wouldnt do, taking risk by any means neccessary.

Rubee: Name 3 Indiana artists that are not signed that you think makes noise from Indiana.

Kelsey Nykole: Yoson Tala from Gary,In for sure but from my city of Indianapolis I would have to say an artist that used to go by Young Tone but he goes by Maxi now, Mutt and Jeff too.

Rubee: Now you use to go by the name Nykki B. What made you change it to Kelsey Nykole?

Kelsey Nykole: Well there was a few reason. One being Nykki was common artist name, competing with a few other artists I knew with Nykki in there name then Nicki Minaj  which took the name astronomical.It was going to be challenging.Also there was alot different things I went through with some people who didnt have my best interest at heart. So when I decided to start fresh and let the past go. I let the name go with it. Kelsey is me.Its my real name.So its who I am. 

Rubee: Tell me when was the first time you knew singing was your calling?

Kelsey Nykole: I'll never forget. I was 7 years old and my second grade her teacher Ms. Mary Mac made me sing solo in front of the whole class.She believed in me so much. She asked me to sing at the Christmas program at school. So I did. People went crazy. It was an great feeling and I knew from that moment on that this was what I was meant to be doing.

Rubee: Who can you say inspired your music and what genre of music would you say your music fits in?

Kelsey Nykole: I was inspired by my father he was a singer in the choir so I grew up hearing him sing all the the time. My music is more of a sexy, edgy rnb/pop vibe.

Rubee: Now tell me about the mohawk what inspired such an eclectic look?

Kelsey Nykole takes you through the Eyes of a Dreamer in her YouTube webisode

Kelsey Nykole: I have always had a thing for blond in my hair. Ive always loves and had like blonde tip or streaks so when i cut my hair. I wanted to spice it up a little bit. So it's funny I had a dream. That I had this big hair, crazy hair. Like the mohawk.So I went to the beauty shop the next day and got it done.And the this was the result. "I love it

Rubee: You had an mixtape out called shopaholic
So i assume you are a shopanista name a couple of your favorite designers
and if you could do a national ad campaine for a designer who would it be?

Kelsey Nykole:Yes! I love to shop and love fashion some of my favorite designers would definately be Tyler Bailey Shoes , Chanel and BeBe I love so many but those are a few of my favorites for sure.

Rubee: What is your next move.Where do you see yourself going from this point forward?

Kelsey Nykole: Its a Take Over

The Midwest Princess Takeover

Rubee: You have a webisode called Eye of A Dreamer, What can you expect from the webisode?

Kelsey Nykole: You can expect to see me grind and grow. My goal is to be able to connect with the audience through my journey.

Now its time for Rubee's Random Questions

These are random questions I throw out there for me and the reader's to learn a little more about you.

Rubee: Ready?

Kelsey Nykole: Yes!

Morris Chestnut with one leg and no money? or Flavor Flav with alot of money?

Kelsey Nykole: Flavor Flav

Rubee: Peanut Butter and Jelly or Syrup Sandwiches

Kelsey Nycole: Lol. Peanut Butter and Jelly

Rubee: Hot Sauce or Ketchup?

K4elsey Nykole: Hot Sauce definately

Rubee: What is your definition of a dreamer?

Believe in your dream's no matter what anyone says

Kelsey Nykole: Someone willing to do whatever it takes to work hard and brings their visions and desires to reality.

Rubee: What would you say to all the dreamer's out there?

Kelsey Nykole: I tell all my dreamer's to work hard and stay focused or your dreams have faith in your dream and your vision no matter what people say work as hard as possible to have the best.

Rubee: What do you want people to know about Kelsey Nykole?

Kelsey Nykole:She is you. Your are her. A person determained to succeed.

Kelsey Nykole and Ghostface Killah take the relationship troubles to Vh1's new season of Couple's Therapy

My conversation with Kelsey was pretty cool. I learned a little about this fresh new face and I honestly can say she has a great story, Kelsey had a wonderful energy and she seems truely down to earth, level headed and smart. I like her and im thinking she has a bright future ahead of her. With her tv debut on the 4th Season of the hit Vh1 Show Couple's Therapy, A new webisode on YouTube called Eye of A Dreamer.Kelsey has teamed up with well known super producer J-Trx founder and CEO of the popular label J-Trx Productions also known as JTP. J-Trx has created timeless and incredible music for some of the Midwest's most popular artist like Yoson Tala, Tension, Mutt and JeffAdero,  and Twon just to name a few.Taking their music to the billboard charts and radio stations across the country. So there is no wonder Kelsey decided to come together with such a talented producer to in Kelsey's words "Get her level's up" with a new Album coming soon, Plus the drive she has to accomplish her goal for success against all odds. There is no doubt that you will be seeing alot more of this "Blonde Bombshell".Vh1 is only the beginning. She has officially labeled this as a "Take Over". To learn more about Kelsey Nykole "The Midwest Princess" or for interviews, bookings and shows. Visit the Hey Kelsey Website or follow her at The Kelsey Nykole on facebook, instagram and twitter.


Published on Jan 05, 2014

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