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Meruyert Bafina Interview - The Brains Behind the Exotic Beauty

By Christina Schmotolocha

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Meruyert is a successful and charming business lady from Kazakhstan that is now residing in LA. Her first class European educational background includes the London School of Economics, London Business School. She was also actively involved in global energy organizations, such as the World Petroleum Council and many other business entities and NGO’s.


She sits down with Splash magazine and shares her story and thoughts on the unusual switch from business into acting.




Why did you decide to pursue different career path?

Meruyert: I always loved a challenge. I believe that life gives opportunities to those who want to explore it fully.


Have you had an acting experience before? 

Not acting, but I have worked as model some time ago. Because I am a world traveler, I have attended the Cannes Movie Festival, Formula-1 in Monaco, and other social balls and gatherings, giving me a pretty large global/social network. Due to this network, I have received some proposals from Russian producers, and found the work interesting. I decided that Hollywood and LA will be best place to begin an acting career of course!



You came here all the way from Kazakhstan. Are there many people from Kazakhstan that travel globally and pursue their goals?

Kazakhstan is a fascinating country. It is not a commonly known fact, but Kazakhstan is the biggest landlocked country in the world! It’s also very rich in oil and gas, has an interesting historical and cultural outlook, so therefore the country does give many opportunities for its people.


You have a very unusual exotic look. What is your ethnic background?

Well, In my passport I am Kazakh; however, I consider myself as a Eurasian lady, Western educated, cosmopolitan in many ways, but still have some oriental mystery (laughs). I am a descendant of the ancient Uyghur aristocratic dynasty, which stems from the 10th century. My uncle, Azat Akimbek, is a well-known antique collector and a member of many international auction houses and international organizations. He is the first who was granted a Duke title based on his extensive life-long work on family tree and history research.



What was your role in the global activity you have been involved with?

Well, I have been blessed with a very good education.  I received master degrees from the London School of Economics and the London Business School, which helped pave the way to become an internationally acclaimed professional. I have held senior positions in many Kazakhstan based high profile organizations and business entities. I also have been a member of the national committee of the World Petroleum Council and some other global NGOs. It was a very interesting and enriching experience.


What is your current activity and goals?

I really love being here in Los Angeles, and right now I have a couple of offers from some Hollywood TV shows and movie producers. I am now evaluating and working on those proposals with some crew members and directors.

Basically, my goal is to represent a new look as a Eurasian Lady from beautiful Kazakhstan on the big screen of the U.S. I also plan on moving from there onto a higher level.



Published on May 01, 2013

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