Marissa Jade’s Mob Wives: Showing No Signs of Slowing Down

Marissa was the newest Mob wife to be added to the mix and she was feisty, ambition and drop-dead gorgeous.

Although Mob Wives has ended, Marissa is showing absolutely no sign of slowing down. Marissa is currently working on a couple of film and TV projects, continuing to pursue her modeling career, and is launching her very first app within the next couple of weeks.

Marissa Fiore, whose professional name is Marissa Jade, works as a model for a living, which is quite clear from her Instagram profile packed with pics of VH1’s Mob Wives newbie. Her biggest claim to fame so far is that she has served as the inspiration for the look of the main protagonist in the comic book Destiny, Queen of Thieves. You can get to know Marissa beyond her professional endeavors with her official app, as she shares exclusive content regarding makeup, fashion and more!

When it comes to reality TV, not much is left to the imagination and the lives of the cast are displayed in full for all to see but what are some things we don’t know about beauty, Marissa Jade? Here are three things you probably won’t get from the show: She’s Chinese and Italian, her lucky number is 8 and she’s left-handed.

Despite the show’s portrayals and the assumptions made by the audience as to who these Mob Wives truly are, I had an opportunity to hear it from Marissa herself about how life really was for her growing up and now. My take-away was that she’s got an extremely positive outlook on life and has a belief in the power to manifest what we want if we’re willing to do what it takes to create it.

“I didn’t have it as easy as everyone things, my father passed when I was 5. My mother raised 2 children on her own working 3 jobs. She remarried 4 years later and I was blessed to have an amazing father whom I call my father as well. But I lived a normal life just like anybody else. I didn’t come from money but I’m the type of person who is accustomed to their environment. I knew I wanted to live a certain life and I created that life.

Just because I came from a blue collar family and there wasn’t a lot of money around, I wanted different things for myself and my son. I believe in energies and what you put into the atmosphere comes back to you.

I never really had the support from my family as far as this industry, it was always “Oh, go get a job”. I had different goals in life than a lot of people around me and it didn’t deter me, if anything, it made me strive to be the person I wanted to be even more. I didn’t get handouts, I did everything on my own and I’m proud of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t come from dirt poor but I didn’t have it as easy as everyone thinks. I created things, I made my own money and I did them. I wanted to live a certain lifestyle and I created that.”

It seems many Celebrity Reality Stars crash and burn after the show ends and we don’t hear much from them after that but Marissa is continuing to build her empire in big ways. That includes family and career.

She’s an “It girl” to watch with her new app coming out, her flourishing modeling career and several other projects she’s working on. Marissa could certainly be a role model for young woman to prove that you can have both brains and beauty. You can have it all, according to Marissa Jade, if you’re willing to put the effort in.

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