Mariah Bonner - Frank Talk on Her Journey to Fame


The beautiful and talented, Mariah Bonner


Model, actress, singer, and overall the embodiment of a Hollywood star, Mariah Bonner, doesn't just she get by on her incredible looks, she is a true woman of many talents.  Bonner takes a moment out of her busy schedule and discusses her projects and her journey she has embarked on to Los Angeles. This year, she's the face of the new Mercedes-Benz commercial "Escape the Map", and has landed campaigns such as Lancel and Prada and placements in prestigious magazines such as Elle, Vogue, and Blackbook it is no wonder why Mariah Bonner is on the radar and taking over the industry.


Sargent: You’re originally from Baltimore, but moved to France at age eight?! That’s a big move, what was the reason for the move?

MB: Well, my parents are huge travelers, and they wanted to get back to France. So that’s exactly what we did. We picked up and moved our lives.


Sargent: What was it like being there that young, taken away from all you know, and forced to learn a new language and in a sense starting over again?

MB: It was definitely hard. At first I missed home, and of course the language barrier was difficult. But after six months, I knew it fluently and began speaking like a native.


Sargent: Yeah, that’s great. Once you finally immerse yourself in those situations, you have nothing else to do besides, just go with it. You enrolled in ballet school correct?! How has this influenced your life?

MB: Yes, I studied ballet in Paris, for a while actually.


Sargent: So when was the moment when you realized you wanted to switch over to acting and modeling? Did you always have a passion for it?

MB: Funny you should ask. I always kept a journal when I was little. And of course I wrote I wanted to be a model, actress, and a dancer. To me, those were the three things that tied in. My mom recognized that I had talent.


Sargent: Isn’t it funny how ‘spot on’ we are when we are kids?!  How did acting or modeling come about?

MB: It was very random, and the funny part about it is I had just talked about wanting a model agent with my mom! I remember [that day] vividly! I had just left ballet class, and was very happy for some reason. It must have been a Spring day! [haha]. My hair was down, blowing in the wind and I was [sort of] dragging  wrap along the sidewalk, and a man came up to me and said ‘you should be a model’! I told him I was only 15, and he thought about it, and said ‘we can work with that’. So I went home and talked about it with my mother, and we had a meeting with him and signed right then and there!


Sargent: Wow! Talk about random! You know, sometimes if you just ask for it…it will happen!

MB: I agree! I just had to put it out there in the universe, and here we are! I’ve gotten great placements! I decided to move to London to study acting full time. I landed my first major role at the age of 17 in Paris. After this I decided to move to Los Angeles. I was thinking, LA is where I would have to be to have access to big movies and television hits. It happened pretty quickly actually. I decided in May and in September I was off a plane in LA.


Sargent: Talk about a bold move! Did you have any leads out in LA, like did you know anyone or you just took a chance?

MB: Honestly, I had an incredible agent in London. [He] sort of coached me on my move, and showed me the ‘lay of the land’. My agent in London set me up with meetings with industry people. I then got a manager, and through friends and people I have met along the way have made my way through.


Sargent: And it seems to be treating you well! Sometimes you just have to challenge yourself and jump head first

MB: Yes! Things definitely come full circle. Actually now, that we speak of him; I will have to shoot them an email to catch up.


Sargent: Congrats on being in ‘The Social Network’, that is such a huge production! Did you have any idea of how big it was going to be?

MB: Actually, no. I didn’t know how big it was going to be. Turned out to be a huge hit and it was a wonderful feeling! You live for that big moment!


Sargent: What are you currently working on?

MB: I’ve been working a lot on music. I sang a few of my original pieces over at a bar. I’m [musically] inspired by Brigitte Bardot, but I have a modern take on that. A little house, sexy, sultry vibe-what can I say I like a little of everything.


Sargent: Right on! Well can’t wait to hear you live the next time you perform! You also have ‘Universal Soldier’ coming out in Fall 2012. Can we expect to see you in any other films or television appearances soon?

MB: Yes! ‘The Activist’, it’s a political thriller starring Eric Roberts that will be out soon.


Sargent: Congratulations on all of your accomplishments thus far! You really are a role model and inspiration to many.

MB: Thank you, this whole thing has been stimulating, exciting, and I’m just ready to move forward really.


Sargent: Great! It was a pleasure speaking with you today, thank you for taking out the time! I can’t wait to see you in your upcoming projects!

MB: Thank you, have a great day!


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