Kristina Rich Teams Up With Suzanne DeLaurentiis For TV Series Hound Hero


Kristina Rich

"Hound Hero" is an inspirational television series that features the true stories of dogs who display incredible compassion and bravery.  "Hound Hero" was created by writer, producer Kristina Rich, who teamed up with veteran filmmaker Suzanne DeLaurentiis to film the hour long episodic television series.  "Hound Hero" stars TV personality and veterinarian, Dr. Arvid Edward (star of Pet Doctors of Atlanta), who hosts these true stories of dogs who display incredible compassion and bravery.


Kristina was inspired to create the show "Hound Hero" when she saw firsthand the difference therapy dogs can make in a patients recovery.  In fact, she had her personal dogs, two German Shepherds, go through the training and certification process to comfort patients at a local hospital in her home town. Kristina states, "It was moving to see the emotional and physical impact that dogs would make on the patients and their family members visiting.  People would light up when Dakota or Savannah would walk in a room to visit them, there was an immediate bond.  I can remember a young patient who was being treated for cancer that had lost her appetite and felt so alone.  Yet her eyes would light up when Dakota pranced in the room wagging his tail, she was comforted by his very presence and before long she would be smiling and even eating.  It was a humbling experience for me to share my pets with the community, and witness their incredible ability to serve others. "


"Hound Hero" will feature a broad range of canine stories- from an intense high-profile dramatic story of heroism that saves a community, to an intimate look at a sensitive therapy pet that transforms one person’s life in a dramatic way. "Hound Hero" is an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the lives of these loyal animals, and their inspiring human companions.  The viewer will see these amazing animals protect, improve, and empower their human companions with uncompromising loyalty. "Hound Hero" is engaging, whether you are an animal lover inspired by watching people over-come obstacles, or a fan of high-stake rescue stories.


Suzanne DeLaurentiis is most recognized from some of her award winning features including: 10th & Wolf, A Month of Sundays, Shut Up and Kiss Me, Lost Revolution, The Dark Tourist, Black Gold, Area 407, Stone Markers, How Sweet It Is, and Buried Lies.  Suzanne is currently producing Pet Doctors of Atlanta.  Her television credits also include Wrangling Reptiles, Hound Hero, Soul Fire Rising and Stone Markers.


Visit the official "Hound Hero" website for more information on this heroic new show.


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