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Interview with Steven Molony Actor, Writer and Producer of “Efficiency” (2014)

By Yenis Monterrey

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The film Efficiency (2014) was an official selection during the 2014 Austin Film Festival. Steven Molony is both an actor and writer of this dramatic film. The film was directed by Kate Enge, shot in Chicago, Los Angeles and North Dakota, and funded through an Indiegogo campaign. Steven Molony plays two identical twin brothers Derrick and Patrick who are irresponsible and struggle to keep their close bond intact when an unexpected tragedy threatens to tear them apart. Derrick and Patrick, recently out of college and with little prospects for the future. When Derrick and his girlfriend Christine learn they have an unexpected child on the way, they're forced to adapt and accept this overwhelming new responsibility. Just as the young couple discovers joy in their fast approaching parenthood, they find their world crumbling around them in an ill-fated tragedy that will ultimately test the love of the couple and the twin brothers. 


Steven Molony (twins Derrick and Patrick), Beth Moline (Christine), Domonique Chanel Young (Sheila), Paul Vonasek (Marty) 


Yenis Monterrey. - What is your passion about this film? You mentioned this film was your passion since college. 

Steven Molony.-“It was inspired by a close friend. I feel everybody deals with hardships in life in different ways. The problem itself is about the characters in the film who feel alone. I wanted to share the story and show that this problem happens to many people. Efficiency is about what is to be in hard position in life when you least expect it and also when you feel least ready for it. I touch the theme of miscarriage in a young couple totally in love who were not ready to expect a pregnancy and then later face a miscarriage. I’m telling the story from the man’s perspective. The man generally speaking is expected to be strong for the woman, but things ended up hitting the twin Derrick harder in the story because he had the pressure of keeping everything together. 

The story is based on the duality of Derrick and Patrick. They are dealing with fear of growing up, and taking responsibilities, for example getting a real job or health insurance. Patrick doesn’t know what drives him and he always live in the shadow of Derrick. They are both out of college and they need to deal with the real world, for them it is like being in the ocean. 

Derrick and Christine have passions, Christine’s passion is music (piano) and Derek’s is writing (literature). They are both stuck; she doesn’t really know if she wants to play the piano and how to pursue her dream, but she finds out later. However Derek is not allowing himself to go forward with his life. The characters don’t know how to follow their passion, it’s like floating along the river of life and not knowing what they are going to do. A lot of the indecision in life that blocks you from moving forward is fear, but as soon as you faced adversity and overcome it you are able to find your path. In the film the characters finally accept their reality, and they are later aware of their own gifts, she plays the piano and he starts writing.” 

Yenis Monterrey. - Why is the movie in black and white? 

Steven Molony “It really speaks about the duality of the twins, there is sort of a stagnancy in black and white, the apartment, the stillness of the characters, it’s like they aren’t going anywhere.” 

Yenis Monterrey.-What do you enjoy the most writing or acting? 

Steven Molony “Acting for sure, but I write occasionally. Acting makes me feel alive. In my mind when I’m exploring a character it’s like taking a psychological vacation and having the opportunity of living the life of another person and see the world with another set of eyes. I’m more interested about exploring the mind of other people.” 

Yenis Monterrey.-What advice will you give other actors? 

Steven Molony “Everybody has a passion in life, if you feel very strong about being an actor. It can get sometimes discouraging, but money shouldn’t be the main reason why you want to become an actor, but unfortunately money is the main expectation for many actors. As an actor it’s important to be growing over time and the money sometimes come or it doesn’t come, but it doesn’t matter because money always will be there in some way, shape or form. If you are an actor you should feel fulfilled and happy, and say someday when you are 75 years old and look back at your life and say “ I did what I wanted to do” or say I have done or doing what I’m here to do, and have a passion about life.” 

Yenis Monterrey.-What’s next for Steve? 

Steven Molony "I just wrapped up this film called “Oxenfree” that takes place in the woods which is about three strange brothers trying to find a form of connection they never had by visiting this old lake cabin when they were kids. One of the brothers discovered he had a terminal illness. I played the brother who has the illness written by Timothy J. Meyer and directed by Dan Glaser. There is a suspicion that there is a monster in the woods and they find the connection by hunting the monster. “It’s a film about accepting your demons” 

Steven Molony is a film actor in Los Angeles, CA with a background in theatre. Molony landed the lead role of Dr. Arkham on the hit web series "The Joker Blogs" for which he was invited to tour with the Wizard World Comic Con. He went on to win an Indie award for his lead performance as Alex in the independent feature film "Pinching Penny" which was released 

internationally on DVD and VOD across many platforms. Molony is currently attached to several other feature films including the "Pinching Penny" director's next film, "Oxenfree," 

Efficiency incredible story that will break your heart where finding the right path and direction becomes the key for accretive decisions for a young couple and the twin brothers.

Published on Dec 19, 2014

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