Interview with Energy Healer Janine Thorp

We live in a time where the term Energy Healing is becoming more mainstream. In fact, some say that Healers are the new Celebrity! I happen to love Healers, and with a background in Energy Healing myself, I am always on the lookout for those who are great channels for Healing Work. With this is mind, I recently had the opportunity to interview the renowned Energy Healer, Janine Thorp:
Q. What inspired you to become a healer? 
A. It came about as a natural evolution of my own healing journey. I began receiving intuitive messages about how to channel energy for my own healing, and soon other people began to want these energies to help them too. I discovered that they could make a huge difference to people! And so began my professional work!
Q. Is this work fun for you?
A. Yes, I love it. I feel so inspired by the people I work with, by their courage and determination to grow, to discover more of their own gifts and abilities, and to become more fully who they really are and live a life that is in alignment with what is important to them. I am always learning more and growing in myself, with each interaction I have with everyone I connect with. 
 Q. What modality do you practice? If it is your own modality, do you teach it to others?
A. I do what I call channelled healing and coaching, which was taught to me directly by highly evolved Beings and Intelligences. When I work with a client or with a group of people, I connect and communicate with the Higher Intelligence within them and within the Universe to access and facilitate the healing and teaching that's available for them at a higher level. So much can open up and become available for them. They can evolve on every level. In particular I love to work with people who want to bring a higher level of consciousness into their life, so that they can share their gifts, live their higher calling and make a bigger difference in the world. 
Yes, I do teach it to others. I teach people how to be a more conscious and creative channel for the Universe, and how to be in powerful partnership with the Intelligence within the Universe. I help them to discover and open up their own gifts and channelling abilities so that they can bring their own higher knowing and awareness into their life and into their work, and so be of greater service. 
Q. How long have you been a healer?
A. I began to consciously start healing myself when I was about 19, and then about 13 years ago I began to get specific messages to start making channelled essences (which are high vibrational energies grounded and held in water so that they can be easily connected with at any time). At the time I didn't even know that such a thing was possible, but I followed the guidance that I was given in the messages and ended up having the most amazing and beautiful essences to work with. They came in first for my own healing, and then as other people began using them, I began to also receive messages on how to hold the space for healing and teaching to directly come in for whoever wanted to receive it
Q. What kinds of things do you help your clients with?
A. I help people who want to grow both personally and spiritually, who want to develop their gifts and sensitivities, and who have a vision and a sense that they have a bigger purpose. They know that there is so much more to them than they have discovered up till now, and they want to uncover even more of who they really are. They want to clear the blocks and issues that are holding them back from being their true selves and from living the amazing life that they know they can create once they can clear those blocks, love themselves more, and once they step into a greater sense of empowerment and partnership with the Universe. These are people who want to make a bigger impact in the world, and who want to enjoy their life with an abundance of time, freedom, love and wealth.
Q. What are the benefits of your offering?
A. I help people to expand their vision, develop their senses, increase their self-awareness, gain new insights and show up in the world in a bigger way.
When they connect with the higher intelligence that's within them and around them, people are able to quickly and easily clear both conscious and unconscious blocks that have been holding them back, and they can also open up and access amazing aspects of themselves, that they may never have even known were there. We are all so much bigger than who we think we are, and we can tap into and access knowledge, information and skills that we have at higher levels within us, and bring them in in a very practical way to support both ourselves and others. As a collective, we are moving into a new level of consciousness here on Earth, and engaging with the higher intelligence within us and around us can ease and facilitate this transition.
Q. How long are your sessions? 
A. I work with empowered and intuitive people who have a dream or a desire that they really want to see happen and are committed to. They are people who don't 'need' a healer or coach, but who choose to, and who want to work with a healer and coach who can help them to achieve that dream or desire - or often something even better. I normally work with people for 2 -3 months or more to support them with and through a significant transformation and evolution within themselves. This inner transformation enables them to make significant outer changes too - in their business, in their relationships and throughout so many aspects of their life. 
I also teach people how to discover, develop and enjoy their own channelling gifts and abilities. I offer a 6-week Channelling Foundation Course, with further modules available.
Q. Nowadays, it seems many healers do their work over the phone - is this a primary way for you to talk to your clients?
A. Yes, most of my work, both for individual clients and for groups, is held online or by phone. This way I can connect with anyone, no matter where they or I are in the world. I love that sense of freedom and expansion and limitlessness! And I do also sometimes work in person too, again in a group, or workshop context, and with individuals. 
Q. What makes you have staying power in this business?
A. For me, my personal growth comes first and foremost. This means that I am always evolving and changing, both in myself and in what I offer. It means that anyone working with me can evolve along beside me, and can receive the new energies, frequencies and skills, as they come in. It's an exciting journey, and it's one that we are all co-creating together. I feel that this growth, openness and flexibility is essential!
Q. Have you had difficult clients in the past? How do you deal with that?
A. I can honestly say that I have very rarely had a difficult client. Most people who come to me come through word of mouth, and have been already working on themselves for some time. They are already pretty self-aware, and so tend to take responsibility for themselves and for their experiences. Everyone I have worked with has been a gift and a blessing, and I very much value and appreciate their presence in my life, whether it's been for an hour or for years. 
Q. How do you personally detach from a client's issue after having a session?
A. I find that with the way that I work, that whatever healing, teaching or coaching come in for a client, it is also helpful for me. Any time 2 people connect, it is because there is a resonance. So whatever is going on for them has a resonance on some level with what's going on for me. The sessions are always whole and complete in themselves, both for the client and for me, and so normally nothing 'lingers' afterwards. If it does, then it has little to do with them and everything to do with me - it is my own issue which is up for releasing or integrating, and I take responsibility for it.
I also tend to find that I am prepared in advance by my own higher intelligence for whatever is likely to come up during any session, and so normally I will have already moved through whatever I need to clear in myself, before the session even starts. 
Of course, there are also all sorts of other things that help me to feel clear and good in myself - such as being out in nature, having fun, exercising, meditating, etc. Taking care of myself in ways such as these helps me to stay grounded, positive and in balance.
Q. You have a soothing personality, what does it take for you to maintain your soothing ambience? Please explain.
A. Thank you very much... that is kind of you to say! The energy that you feel when we connect, especially if we are actually working together, may be Universal energy and the energy of the high vibration Beings and Intelligences who are working with me - Universal Consciousness, including your own Higher Self and mine. These are beautiful and powerful, strong and gentle, wise and loving. They feel very calming and supportive, both for me and for you. So they help me to maintain a high vibration, and it is often then a combination of my energy and theirs that people feel. 
I would say to stay true to yourself, and follow your highest joy. It will lead you into wonderful and amazing places on your life's journey! You are completely supported and taken care of, and the more you lean into that, trusting yourself and taking action as you are inspired to, the easier it is for the intelligence within the universe to work with you, and to help you to live your purpose, fulfill your dreams and love your life. 
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