Interpix, Inc. - Young + Savvy = Cutting Edge New Blockbuster, TV & Film Release Strategy


Figure this, the way i-tunes led the music industry, Interpix, Inc. is about to do the same in the world of film and TV. It’s outside-of-the-box thinkers like Tom Hanks, one of the most acclaimed A-listers and emerging organizations like Interpix, who are creating a paradigm shift within the Hollywood community. With a “digital first” motion picture release of the TV series Electric City debuting on Yahoo Screen, Tom Hanks found a creative way to build an audience of fans without succumbing to the traditional box office route. Similarly, Interpix, Inc., a Palo Alto California based cutting-edge technology & digital release company, is revolutionizing the market space with its unique approach to bundle advertisers, motion pictures, social media, and mass scale online audiences.


Doug Kaplan, CEO of Interpix, Inc. mentions, “We’ll be doing what i-tunes did in the music industry ten years ago, but now in the new media world. Building a destination for ‘niche’ entertainment and ‘Blockbuster’ hits hitting households around the world through their television sets and mobile devices through the Internet and traditional outlets.”


One outstanding element to the company and what’s helped make it all possible, is Interpix is equipped with young and bright visionaries, who live, breath, and swim in the world of online social media and filmmaking. What the founders all clearly understand is in the last twenty years, is film and music content used to be created in studios, and the rationale was that premium content would cost a lot to create and even more to market. Naturally these studios controlled the distribution channels and access to consumers. Now with the Internet as the driver for content, and a breed of groundbreaking organizations like Google amongst other search engines which allow users to find it: Amazon allowing to buy content, YouTube allowing to share content, Hulu allowing to view video content, a pool of truly connected consumers, content creators, and other consumers all find each other. Interpix has developed a system to bring all of this together for maximum views and easy enjoyable watching.


Austin Hurst, CIO of Interpix, and co-founder of Hurst Capital, an investment fund, along with numerous online media companies, states "We are creating a scalable platform to support the delivery of high quality digital media for millions of viewers per campaign and this is something we are most excited about at Interpix, Inc", it’s no joke what beast is about to be given birth right before our eyes.


While some may see this as a threatening space to enter, companies like Interpix Inc, sees this as the perfect opportunity to cater to a breed of consumers who are now becoming even more demanding and sophisticated in their needs and desires to gain consistent and immediate access to the content of their choice. Because Interpix’s platform is made up of digital media, web series, television programming, motion pictures and live events broadcasted through High Definition (“HD”) video and other digital content which can be seen in the United States and worldwide through digital media outlets, it is a space they are well familiar with and can well cater to.


Celeste Fianna, Emmy Nominated Producer, Co-Founder of Interpix, Inc. and VP of Content Development mentions, “We are on the hunt for hot award quality content that will give entertainment viewers what they are looking for. When consumers interface with it whether it be online, television, or in the ticket Box Office it will be media they want to see.”

Celeste Fianna, Co-Founder of Interpix, Inc. and VP of Content Development

Celeste is involved in hand selecting a slate of films and TV projects for production: Projects include television series across all genres starting with; ‘WORLD MONITOR.TV’, with celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Anniston, Justin Timberlake, Kristen Stewart, Prince William, Justin Bieber, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Johnny Depp, Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale, Emma Stone, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey Jr., Jennifer Lawrence and many many more. ‘ULTRA SULTRA MIAMI’, a series similar to ‘The OC’.

Ultra Sultra Cast

THE MOST DANGEROUS WOMEN IN HOLLYWOOD’, which is a live event show with nominees of Megan Fox, Britney Spears, Pamela Anderson, Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba, ‘DESTINATION X ADVENTURE TV’, an exciting travel show that has already been released in 66 countries worldwide, and ‘ZONE X’ with X Game and gravity game athletes with Kelly Slater and also featuring Cindy Crawford.

Destination X Adventure TV

Zone X

With regards to Feature Film projects, Interpix is working with several talented directors and producers:


Director Tibor Takacs (The Gate, Sabrina The Teenage Witch) and whose latest film ‘SPIDERS 3D’ was honored at the Los Angeles 3D film Festival as best native 3D feature and best director. Tibor is now directing, VITO'S UPHOLSTERY, a feature film in development is an action comedy, written and produced by Robert Giardina (‘Lies and Illusions’ starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and Christian Slater).

Director Rob Walker who did the hit film ‘CIRCUS’ starring Famke Janssen, John Hannah, Eddie Izzard, Fred Ward and Peter Stormare starring ‘BEYOND’ is a film he recently directed with Dee Wallace amongst other actors. Rob Walker is now working with Interpix on a couple different films 'BLOOD ON THE BORDER' about the drug cartel from Mexico to the U.S.A. and 'MONEY & LOVE' is an action comedy which we think will bring awards.

Gregori J. Martin developing projects with Interpix, is an Emmy nominated and record breaking director of ‘THE BAY’ starring Kristos Andrews, ‘THE SOUTHSIDE’, and introducing the newest film 'A PLACE CALLED HOLLYWOOD.'

'STRANDED' is a film developed ‘in house’ is one of Interpix’s babies. This is a riveting eco-adventure movie which will likely touch the heart of millions.


Each of the projects will be launched using Interpix’s “Digital Blockbuster” platform and strategy, this is by leveraging its own network of producers to create "niche" channels for consumers and providing them access as they desire it. No longer will viewers have to go through TV networks or branded mainstream content networks. Interpix will then be releasing their feature films in the Box Office, a completely different ‘backwards’ approach to feature film release which the Interpix team believes will be very successful.

Look out for Interpix! Fast on the rise as a cutting edge new technology company blasting into the media.


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