Gabriella Wright – Actress, Model, Author, Singer but her Real Love is Charity


Gabriella Wright

Gabriella Wright was born and raised in Stoke-Newington, London to Paul David Wright and Anne Catherine Wright.  At the age of 12, her father decided to move with the family to French countryside and where eventually, she learned to speak French.  Between theatre clubs, rock bands and French boarding school, Gabriella started to develop a passion for the world of art which was in turn encouraged by her father, sculptor-painter-multimedia artist, and mother, a teacher and writer. She hence decided to explore deeper into the world of acting, singing, writing and Shakespeare.  After passing her baccalaureate in the fields of English Literature and Social Economics, Gabriella auditioned for the Paris Acting School. Her introduction into the world of performing arts took off from there. Thereafter, she has studied in New York, Paris, and New Zealand with various renowned acting teachers and coaches such as Susan Batson and Jack Garfein. Gabriella gained generous experience through acting in theatre, singing in both a musical and in a trip hop band as well as writing and appearing in short films.  In 2004, she got her first lead role in Vijay Singh’s film “ONE DOLLAR CURRY” released in the UK. She also starred in Abel Ferrara’s film “MARY” which was selected for the 2005 Venice Film Festival.  

Gabriella Wright

Personal Details:

Height: 5 ft 10

Eyes: dark brown

Hair: dark brown

Nationality: English, French

French, English (mother tongues), Spanish (Read and spoken). Hindi (Notion)

Gabriella Wright


Jack Garfein, The Garfein studio, coach, Paris

Susan Batson, Blacknexxus, New York

Les ateliers de l’ouest, Steve Kalfa, Paris

Shakespeare coaching with l’ancien member of RSC Nicolas Hawtrey, Paris

Théâtre Riverlea, atelier, New-Zealand

Jack Waltzer, atelier, Paris Cours Florent, Paris

Gabriella Wright

US Managment

Coronel Group

Tom Spriggs 

310 689 7320


Gabriella Wright, photo by Laurence Laborie



Film independant - Fiona Mc Loughlin

Tel : + 44 207 636 65 65

email : [email protected]


Gabriella Wright, photo by Laurence Laborie




- L’immortel Richard Berry Based on the Novel by Franz-Olivier Giesbert. Film inspired by real facts. This gang warfare that Jacques Imbert, last godfather in the Mafia, and his former accomplice, Tany Zampa to whom were engaged in the end of the 70s. Production: Europa Corp Casting: Jean Reno, Kad Merad, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Marina Foïs ,Joey Starr, Gabriella Wright. France Release: March 24th, 2009

- An Organization of dreams Ken Mc Mullen Production: Augustine pictures - Mark Westaway (UK Prod.) Casting: Dominique Pinon, John Shrapnel, Gabriella Wright (1st female lead), Julia Faure. Film selected at the 53rd FILM Festival of London (October 2009). UK Release : October, 26th, 2009


- Demain dès l’aube Denis Dercourt Film selected at “Un certain regard” - Cannes Film festival 2009


- Eden log Franck Vestiel


- Le dernier gang Ariel Zeitoun Casting: Sami Boujilah, Pascal Elbe, Clémence Poesy


- Mary Abel Ferrara


- One dollar curry Vijay Singh

- Albert est méchant Hervé Palud


Gabriella Wright, photo by Laurence Laborie




- Rouge diamant Peter Humes Casting: Jean-Yves Berthelot TV. Production France (GAUMONT) - Canada Release on France 2 February 2011

- Rani Arnaud Selignac Casting: Mylène Jampanoi. Sentimental epic of the XVIIIth in India. Production France2-Arte. “Prestige” TV Series 8X52’


- Nomads Ken Sanzel (US – CBS Studios) Production Ridley & Tony Scott.


- The Tudors Charles Mc Dougall Casting: Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Sam Neill. Format: 42 mn. Category : Historic Drama Nationalities: US-Canada-Irlande Release on Showtime and Canal+ (March 2008)


- Check please Bhaskar

- The innocent project Bill Aanderson (BBC Network)


Gabriella Wright, photo by Laurence Laborie


Short-length films


- Carnet de rêves Jean-Baptiste Gourdin TV & Cinéma With Rufus


- Finding Salto brothers


- Psychotherapia Dolpi




- Macbeth William Shakespeare Owen Mooney Hamilton, New Zealand

- The King and I Alex Urban Auckland /New Zealand




Co-writer of the novel “In Search of the Sacred Sin”



2005 Singer with Dreamelectro, “Where the Streets Have No Name” / Man Ray, Elephant Bar.




- POIRAY (jewelry) Laurent Ramamonjiarisoa

Poiray website :  

(song interpreted by Gabriella Wright. Music: George Acogny/LA)


- KENZO AMOUR (Fragrance) Patrick Guedj A journey of Love in Gorée Island. International release January 2011


- CARTIER LOVE 2007 (jewelry) Olivier Dahan Game of seduction (French title “jeu de séduction”)


Areas of Interest

Her foundation: BE FOR PEACE

It is since “One Dollar Curry” film which will mark its first trip in India where Gabriella will get involved definitely in the humanitarian.


Gabriella supports actively the Save World Peace Association founded by Fadia Otte which creates a jewel linking the 3 monotheistic symbols. It will be the Ambassador and create a line of jewelry to the advantage of the Association. She will add the symbol OM and her signature, the Lotus Flower.


Gabriella participates in different projects, with UNESCO, PEACE ONE DAY but also different associations in India.

She develops a documentary, ‘Peace: journey with no frontiers ‘ a crossing with 12 amazing personalities who give its own view of Peace. Gabriella is the narrative thread.

In 2010 Gabriella created her Foundation BE FOR PEACE.

Under her auspices, since 2010 she supports, with KENZO Perfume ONG TI RAYONS SOLEIL in Maurtius, its earth of origin, by creating a school.


Gabriella will start a mission in Madagascar with the help of POIRAY Jewelry from 2011. 


Learn more at the Gabriella Wright website 

Twitter  @LadyGwright

Click to go to Gabriella's Facebook page 

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