Frenchie Davis, From 'The Voice' - Up Close and Personal


From ‘American Idol’ to Vh1’s ‘The Voice’ to Broadway, Frenchie Davis has been seen everywhere and is making her mark in the industry! Recently Frenchie Davis sat down and got up close and personal about her life and her triumphant journey to stardom!

The Voice's Frenchie Davis-Loves Got a Hold On Me. Photo Credit Wald Azami

Sargent: Congrats on your single release! We heard you made it onto the Itunes Charts how does it feel to be on the top 100 your 2nd day on the market?

Davis: It’s surreal and amazing an amazing feeling very rewarding not only artistically but academically I did it independently with my own label and I don’t know if I have the words yet. I’m excited and so thankful for all the support out there

Sargent: So your single is ‘Loves Got a Hold on Me’, what made you pick that title?

Davis: My good friend Janice Robinson who wrote that song shortly after my run on ‘The Voice’. She reached out to me, and told me ‘nobody can sing it like you can’, so I gave it a shot. With that and recently falling in love with my partner [made it right]

Sargent: Your fans online seem pretty excited about your project did you expect this sort of response to your own music?

Davis: I didn’t know what to expect, it was a huge leap of faith deciding to do this. 10 years after I was on ‘American Idol’ and I pleasantly surprised by the response, it is really difficult to find words to do justice.

Sargent: Who would your love to work with in the future and collaborate with? 

Davis: I love Calvin Harris! He is so awesome-I went dancing this past weekend, ‘I feel so close to you’ came on and it became a celebration. I love Adele also, she really brought good singing back to today, she’s so soulful! 

Sargent: We heard you own your own label now do you plan on picking up any artists or is it just Frenchie at this point?

Davis: In the future id love to be helpful to other artists. The public wants diversity and the music needs it.

Sargent: I love the Bald look! That must have been so bold and a hard move! I wish I could do that! What inspired that for you?

Davis: It was a gradual process that took about 10 years. In college it was long and curly. I really didn’t plan it, it sort of just happened. At one point I shaved the back and left the top curly. I had a neighbor that I met at a juice bar that I go to found out she was ging to have to cut her hair for chemotherapy for breast cancer. So in order to inspire her, I proposed to do it together.

Sargent: Wow! That’s a really great story with a touching meaning behind it! I had no idea, and I commend you on that! Tell us a bit about your emotional challenges during the episode you had to go through during the 2nd season of American Idol? Did you feel you were scrutinized against?

Davis: There was a moment of sadness, and having to smile through it publicly when it was really difficult-was hard for me. I think for a long time I allowed that experience to scare me, and it made me fearful of putting myself out there again. When I had success on Broadway it made me feel safe again without the scrutiny over time I healed and realized that hiding wasn’t going to protect me against scrutiny and its ok to take chances even if you’re scared. Things are going to hurt and you’re going to be scared and you have to keep pushing through and that’s the kind of life I want to live and inspire others to live.

Sargent: We loved your Music video! It looked like a really big budget video where was it shot?

Davis: It was shot in Mojave Desert! It was amazing with Brian Friedman and Chan Andre. The dancers were amazing and overall it was a wonderful experience. I was nervous at the time because I never shot a video before. Knowing I was working with Brian because of his caliber, I knew I had to be fierce. I just wanted to nail it, and im really excited about the turnout!

Sargent: Between ‘American Idol’ and ‘The Voice’, how would you compare your outcome between the two and the overall experience?

Davis: I don’t know if I can really make a fair comparison because of my experience with one wasn’t. The format of ‘The Voice’ and the concept of not having a panel of judges working with you to make you a better artist-is great and a big difference.

Sargent: So what do you have going on now? 

Davis: I’m living in the studio. I keep putting on tracks that are going to make people dance and still enjoy singing.  Currently I’m finishing up music for the holiday season and in talks about starting a plus size lingerie line. It’s definitely something that’s needed. Plus size fashion is something that’s growing and we have to support each other!

Sargent: How can our readers keep up with you?

Davis: By following me on twitter @frenchiedavis or my official website at:

Sargent: Great! Thanks! It was such a pleasure speaking with you, and I look forward to your upcoming projects!


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