Esai Morales - The Criminal Minds Star Dishes His Career and Latest Show on HBO, 'The Brink'

Esai Morales Discusses His Career on Criminal Minds! Photo Credit Gerry Garcia

You may recognize him from past roles such as NYPD Blue or La Bamba, but Actor, charmer, and a great father Esai Morales has landed the role as a ‘new section chief’ on the hit television series ‘Criminal Minds’.

“There is no license in acting. You don’t have to pass the test” says Morales. “You either get up and fall and change the habit, or let that habit define you.” Originally from the Bronx, New York Morales realized he wanted to be an actor from his undying desire to ‘feel’ in public. “When other people connect with you it is rewarding, you know you have them. So it is your job to guide them somewhere worthwhile” says Morales. “To me it serves some degree of equanimity. There is a purpose to evolve, and you experience this through each other and stories. Acting is intertwined with art, it is deeper. The feelings you suppress come out, it is like emotional slashing.”

Actor and Proud Father, Esai Morales. Photo Credit Gerry Garcia

Morales has a recurring role in Criminal Minds which we will see in its 200th episode mark. “It’s a benchmark-it’s huge! In this 200th episode everything comes full-circle. You see the connections and how the story comes together, says Morales. Being on ‘Criminal Minds’ has been fascinating-it’s a great show and I love to watch all the mechanics because it’s so fulfilling!”

Morales describes his job as an emotional prostitute! He will tell you what you want to hear, the way you want hear it all of course, for the right price! You can catch him in action on Criminal Minds or even on ‘The Brink’, a new show that was recently picked up by HBO, where Morales plays President of The United States.

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