Entertainment Factory’s Rick Finkelstein And Steven Chase Prepare To Start Filming “Death House”


Death House

Entertainment Factory executive producers Rick Finkelstein and Steven Chase who brought you How Sweet It IsArea 407Wedding DayStone Markers and Shut Up & Kiss Me are extremely excited to start filming their horror film Death House.


Industry experts and The Wall Street Journal (9/13/13) are very outspoken about low budget horror films and their capacity to make large revenue streams.  A notable source in the film Industry said "Horror Films in general do very well at the box office, but this project (Death House), has something special to offer. With the story being created by one of most iconic horror genre actors Gunnar Hansen (Leatherface) and a star studded cast, this is being billed as The Expendables Of Horror, and we expect it and it's sequels to far surpass all other horror movies of past and present".


At Entertainment Factory their goal and passion has always been to make quality independent films that will appeal to a worldwide demographic. They see each film meticulously through every stage, from writing and preproduction to insuring the completion and distribution.


Entertainment Factory LLC

Rick Finkelstein, Entertainment Factory CEO and Executive Producer, would get our vote for “Person most likely to work 20 hours a day.” So we had to ask - how did the energetic Mr. Finkelstein end up in this business?  “My cousin Steve wrote “Shut Up and Kiss Me” in 2001, and it was made and released in 2004.  Here’s what we do:  We take something, build it, and make it the best it can be.  Steve said to me, ‘Come and do this,’ and we’ve been going ever since. Steve interjects: “We’ve got big dreams and we care”. 


The camaraderie and simpatico between Steve and Rick is evident, as it is among everyone involved in all of their films.  Have we said that before?  Probably. And it bears repeating. In this day and age of star tantrums, outlandish excesses, and just plain mean-spiritedness, The way these two act, both in front of and behind the camera, makes us hopeful.  Hopeful that Hollywood can still do one of the things that it has always done best - inspire, uplift, and entertain, and have you walking out of the theatre feeling just great. Speaking of that…what would Rick and Steve most like people to know about them?  The answer is not surprising: “When we make a movie, we care that we make a quality product".


Website: www.thefeg.com.





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