Entertainment Factory Filming New Action, Crime, Drama in April 2014

Moments of Silence

Entertainment Factory executive producers Rick Finkelstein and Steven Chase who brought you How Sweet It Is, Area 407, Wedding Day, Stone Markers and Shut Up & Kiss Me are extremely excited to start filming their new crime/drama/action film Moments of Silence and was written and created by Steve Daron. Directed by Brian Herzlinger


Moments of Silence will star Steve Daron (Hollow Creek, Hidden Assets) who will have a supporting cast to include Steven Chase (Shut Up and Kiss Me, How Sweet It Is), Scott L. Schwartz (Ocean’s 11, 12, 13) and an ensemble of “A-List” and character actors that are known for this genre. Industry experts’ state: “This movie has all the makings of a hit and is expected to do very well”.


Action films are a film genre in which one or more heroes are thrust into a series of challenges that typically include physical feats, extended fight scenes, violence, and frantic chases. Action films tend to feature a resourceful character struggling against incredible odds, which include life-threatening situations, a villain, or a pursuit which generally concludes in victory for the hero, and have a history of being very successful. Moments of Silence, boasts all of this, while doing it on a lower budget.  


At Entertainment Factory their goals and passion are to make quality independent films that will appeal to a worldwide demographic. They see each film meticulously through every stage, from writing and preproduction to insuring the completion and distribution.  Their hard work and dedication is evident in their last 2 projects.  Entertainment Factory Produced the T.V. Pilot Paulie starring: Paul Sorvino, Janeane GarofaloMichael Madsen & Max Burkholder.  How Sweet It Is was their last motion picture, starring: Joe Piscopo, Erika Christensen, Paul Sorvino, Michael Pare', Louis Lombardi, Erich Bergen, Michael Guarnera and Steven Chase. How Sweet It Is made it through the semifinal rounds for the Academy Awards, for Best Score and Best Original Song for both: “Try” & “Bite of our Lives”. 


Stay tuned for more extraordinary films from Entertainment Factory.


Entertainment Factory

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