Entertainment Factory Begins Production of Dawn Of 5 Evils

Entertainment Factory’s Rick Finkelstein and Steven Chase (Producers of How Sweet It Is, Bus Driver and Death House) have confirmed that they are in Pre-Production with Capital Alliance Productions for another horror film, “Dawn of 5 Evils”,written and directed by B. Harrison Smith.  This film is being touted as the “unofficial” prequel to the star-studded “Death House”, a film that is already breaking a world record for the most horror stars/icons in a horror film.  Fans of "Death House" are anxiously awaiting the cast announcements for Dawn of 5 Evils as rumor has it that they can expect quite a few of their favorites from "Death House" to return.


Steven Chase, B. Harrison Smith, Rick Finkelstein

“Dawn of 5 Evils” synopsis: When a group of five real estate brokers and bankers arrive at an exclusive penthouse at the request of its wealthy, high society owner...a supernatural perfect storm is formed... "Lamia" is the borrowed ancient name for "Balthoria," a serial killer who has crossed the lines between supernatural and real. A dark, beautiful woman who is known to bathe in the blood of her victims; she has gathered her prey for a specific reason...to sacrifice them to a Higher Order.  The bankers meet their hostess.  As they prepare their audit and financial documents, they explore the Byzantine penthouse to find that all is not what it seems.  Brought forward by Balthoria's conjuring, they are focused on their victims until it is discovered one of the "guests" is not who he seems, resulting in a game of cat and mouse to apprehend all Five Evils.

Death House


According to Finkelstein and Chase, the key to making multiple films and making them great is to team up with the right people and they’ve done just that with Capital Alliance Productions. “We’ve assembled a Production Team that has the synergy of a Family and the precision of a well-oiled machine", says Finkelstein.  He goes on to say, “We are so excited to be working with Harrison again, seeing that we just finished on Death House and prepping for Garlic & Gunpowder.  It’s easy to see why he is a director that actors and producers love to work with.


Entertainment Factory

Entertainment Factory brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and relationships to the production phase. This allows for the proper execution of a feature film's full production schedule all the while nurturing the creative necessity without neglecting the overall commercial nature of the film’s back end.  Entertainment Factory approaches pre-sales, in place distribution and market strategy to optimize back end profitability. While targeting the major markets (Cannes, Berlin, Sundance, Tribeca, Toronto and AFM ), the same sales agent who packages the film oversees the final sale.  According to Finkelstein and Chase, “The key to our success is that we have surrounded ourselves with great and talented people.”

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