EllieB Block Party, Inc.™ Mulitmedia Platform Launch

Ellie Brown, better known as “EllieB” to her followers, recently announced game-changing and exciting entertainment news involving The EllieB Block Party, Inc.™. This much loved and vastly growing global art movement founded by Internationally recognized visionary, EllieB, will launch the first stage launch of her custom, multi-language promotional social Network called EllieB.zone this summer.

EllieB Photos: (EllieB Block Party™)

This interactive Network will be the umbrella entertainment platform that will branch to a widely diverse social network multiple domains including; EllieBsocial.zone, EllieBtalent.zone, EllieBfilm.zone, EllieBmusic.zone, EllieBluxury.zone, EllieBcharity.zone, EllieBtv.zone, EllieBfashion.zone, EllieBvideo.zone, EllieBHollywood.zone, EllieBbeauty.zone, EllieBbooks.zone, and EllieBshop.zone. This large scale promotional, no user fee entertainment and brand specialty social media platform will be a gathering place of worldwide talent, from all genres of the arts, for professional collaboration and project development. The corporate mission statement, which includes service to disabled vets and children’s charities, will be highlighted through celebrity-endorsed fundraisers, proceeds from exclusively produced block party memorabilia, and even music download. This exclusive social network will include live feeds to all EllieB Block Party™ outside social networks including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. Features within this developing network will support world talent via opportunities to create professional pages and specialized groups. Another exciting element offered will be direct artist outreach to fans using built-in capability to share announcements, photos, audio and video, as well as upcoming events. The EllieB.Social Network promotional tools available to the user strengthen project visibility and demand to both members of the industry and the general public. Additionally, advertising opportunities, sponsored product placement, and ecommerce will connect the industry to a diverse global audience of followers and consumers.     

This past month a red carpet kick-off promotion party announcing the TV show characters was held in Beverly Hills. To follow that up, EllieB is announcing that the block party parent corporation has officially secured a top writing team for the pilot episode of the EllieB Block Party Show. This much hoped-for television variety show is now in pre-production with fall as the target for its casting call followed by production. EllieB’s vision of a worldwide promotional and collaborative social media and television platform is coming to fruition. After a whirlwind year of successful brand marketing, character creation and building her sphere of influence, the results are impressive.

“EllieB Block Party’s intent is to become the ultimate ambassador to the entire entertainment industry: publicist, agent, media, studio, network, talent and so on. The block party is a win-win for the arts community, professional entities within the television and film industry as well as stakeholders and charitable organizations,” EllieB stated.

Brown has created a unique approach to both content and presentation that reaches significantly diverse demographics of consumer and acts as a conduit rather than a competitor to the entertainment industry.  The television variety show will be an ode to Brown’s personal icons, Burnett, Carson, and Griffin as well as a tribute to the past fifty years of pop culture. The combination of an experienced broadcaster, thriving far-reaching social network, and quality television comedic entertainment is a positive contribution to the arts.             

The many characters of Ellie B Brown in her Carol Burnett inspired variety comedy show EllieB Block Party™ including the hilarious DiscoDoll™ Studi54 in blue. With her trademark timeless style, Brown chuckles.

“It has certainly grown past that first tweet and post I sent out last Fall. A rare opportunity to make a bold attempt with my particular skill set came from a seed idea that universally collided. The perfect storm of unique branding, legion of world-class influencers and talent, and twenty-nine years of experience bumped into each other at the same time. I took that initial spark and have been building it to a hoped-for, and to some, seemingly impossible crescendo. The best part for me is that I am not the headliner despite the title of the business; the talent and the audience are the showcase. My role is certainly pivotal but not the focus. I am fearless yet strategic in my approach but every aspect of this vision is authentic unexpectedly goofy, grandmother, who happens to be good at entertaining and development, can reach a global audience and share her amazing group of artist friends. You have no idea how excited I am to highlight the best talent in the world to the deserving viewer. Here is what I tell my followers, whom I coin block party pals: ‘I wonder if people are hearing the EllieB Block Party Marching Band behind me? We have worked together very hard this past year to arrive to our destination: Hooray for Hollywood and remember to never underestimate your fav Grammie.’

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