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Fatal Flip -Lifetime movies - written and directed by Maureen Bharoocha

On August 29, 2015, Lifetime Channel will air Fatal Flip, a psychological thriller directed and co-written by Maureen Bharoocha. In the vein of Single White Female, and using the classic device of a couple - Dominique Swain and Michael Steger -  trying to repair a fixer upper house they have just purchased,  they invite a handyman (Mike Faiola) to help him without knowing anything of his background and find themselves in a whirlwind of fear.  The other lead in the film is Tatyana Alli.


Writer Maureen Bharoocha - photo by Rohan Chitracker

Having come from a background of comedy, this is Maureen's first thriller.  A big fan of Alfred Hitchcock and Brian de Palma she says , "I always wanted to play in this genre and feel it’s important to stretch one's abilities."   As a comedic director, she has spent a lot of time working at Amy Poehler's Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and has cast comedians Lauren Lapkus, Nicole Byer and Mary Holland, in her newest short  film called Hairpin Bender


Stumbling on a film class when she attended Santa Barbara City College, she knew immediately that this was her passion and went on to received her MFA in directing at Boston University. Starting as a production assistant (PA), she has worked her way up doing a variety of jobs in the industry. 


Director/writer Maureen Bharoocha photo by Ahmed Bharoocha

As the product of a multi-cultural family - her mother a Rhode Island Irish Catholic and her father an Indian Muslim born in Burma, she and her siblings quickly learned the value of diversity.  "It's important for people to understand cultural differences and know that there are other places in the world.”  Her large family, with its varied attitudes and beliefs, is an inspiration for many of her stories.  In fact, her Sundance semi-finalist screenplay, Mornie is a true story about her the death of her mother's six-year-old sister and her namesake.   She and her brother, Ahmed Bharoocha who is also in the arts, are currently writing a TV pilot based on growing up their diverse family, “there is nothing like it on the air right now”.


She has spent the past few years working for Sprinkles Cupcakes, with bakeries nation wide, creating short films for them in a variety of genres with each story being about a cupcake.  The owners saw her thesis film, Abajee, shot on location in Karachi Pakistan and were so impressed that they commissioned her to develop a short films series and created a position in the company for her. 


Maureen Bharoocha - directing - photo by Ahmed Bharoocha

Mostly, Maureen enjoys directing.  When she writes, she likes to co-write with others and loves the collaboration. 


Currently, she is going into pre-production on her second psychological thriller, an independent film, for Mar Vista Entertainment and plans to shoot in October in Los Angeles.  She is excited to keep telling entertaining stories and make movies in every genre "I want to change the world with the stories that I tell."


Director Maureen Bharoocha - photo by Dana Starbard

As advice to others wanting to be in the industry, Maureen says the best thing is having people who believe in and champion you.  It was one fellow filmmaker Hannah Pillemer  whom she met in grad school, and had kept up a friendship with that took a chance on her. “She is the reason I was able to write and direct my first feature” A lot of people have helped me along the way and it's important to help back.”  Since this is a relationship industry, she belongs to several women filmmaking groups including The Film Fatales . 


It's important to be pro-active. Go out and make stuff. It's easy now and there is no excuse not to do so.  Dedicate yourself to learning your craft.   If you love it, learn it and do it. Be willing to say no to projects that don't fit your values. The driving force of what I am doing is creative fulfillment.


Though she has no agent now, she does have legal representation - Ginsburg and Daniels


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