Cassandra Hepburn - The Journey of Her Burgeoning Career Has Just Begun

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Cassandra Hepburn

In a town possessed with the idea that beauty, brains and that coveted X-factor are separate universes that simply do not collide, Cassandra Hepburn effortlessly trail blazers towards a different ideal. This brilliant powerhouse is determined to prove that women in Hollywood can be gorgeous, talented, fiercely independent and leader in humanitarian arenas all at once; what's more, she does this all with an elegant ease and confidence that one simply cannot help but notice. Her unique perspective on life is a product of her multicultural heritage and worldview. The exotic Eurasian Filipina beauty has lived in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Milan, Paris, Switzerland, London and the United States. In her words, " I am an American who was raised outside of America."

Cassandra Hepburn


 At an early age Cassandra decided that acting was her life's calling.  She was only 12 when she made her acting debut in Stephen King's "The Stand." After graduating High School at 14, she moved to New York to fully devote herself to the perfection of the craft, honing her method acting skills at Sande Shurin Studios and learning the Meisner Technique at the prestigious School for Film and Television. This led to a brief stint on the popular daytime soap "As The World Turns." While doing a few Off Broadway shows and appearances on MTV and New York Undercover, Cassandra moved to Paris to broaden her personal and artistic endeavors. She graced the modeling scene and worked for designers such as Sonia Rykiel while living and studying in France. In 1999, Cassandra also spent some time at London's Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) taking courses in Classical and Shakespearean acting.

Cassandra is currently working on projects with some of Hollywood's biggest and brightest stars. She has shared the screen with Dennis Hopper and Michael Madsen in Quentin Tarantino Presents: Hellride directed by Larry Bishop (Kill Bill) which was the most anticipated film at Sundance in 2008. She worked alongside Matthew McConaughey in Surfer Dude playing Woody Harrelson's wife. Cassandra has also worked with such stars as Danny DeVito, Kim Basinger and Ray Liota in Even Money directed by Mark Rydell, as well as a supporting role in Sydney Lumet's Find Me Guilty, starring Vin Diesel.

Cassandra has also made a number of appearances on the small screen, the most notable to date being a guest star in the TV series Medium, starring Patricia Arquette.  She also had a recurring role in the popular daytime soap "The Young And The Restless."

Cassandra Hepburn


 The statuesque beauty proves her marketability as an A-list model and spokesperson.  Her print and runway experience includes several high-profile jeans and swimwear advertisements, as well as several features and covers in local and international publications such as Los Angeles Confidential, Maxim, Femme Fatales Magazine, Hong Kong Tatler, New Zealand Sunday Times and People Magazine, Australia. She has had endorsement contracts with D-Atlantis watches, Clairol and Trackstar at the Red Bull US Moto Grand Prix, held at the famed Laguna Secca racetrack and garnering over 300 million avid fans and viewers worldwide.

Cassandra Hepburn


Cassandra's altruistic nature and passion for justice is a beacon of inspiration to others and sets her apart from many of her acting peers. Endowed with a humanitarian spirit, Cassandra is actively involved in many human rights and charitable organizations. She serves as a Global Ambassador for Youth for Human Rights International {}  where she travels the world teaching the concept of the 30 inalienable human rights to children and young adults as well as puts up events globally to educate the public on their Human Rights. She is a Volunteer Minister where she went to Haiti twice after the Earthquake working in assisting medical professionals in the medical tents, giving assists to people at Internally Displaced Persons Camps (IDP camps), and handing out clothes, shoes, food and water to many Orphanages in Haiti. Cassandra continues to help rebuild Haiti by putting on Fundraisers in the States and is currently working with a few different Orphanages in Haiti by supporting them with their needs. She is the founder and chairperson of Stop Trafficking Now, Inc. ( a watchdog group that vigilantly opposes and champions the fight against Human Trafficking through awareness, education and fearlessly approaching the cause with an otherworldly determination to make a difference. In May of 2008, Cassandra was awarded “Role Model of the Year” for her tireless humanitarian work on bringing awareness of the Global problems of Human Trafficking and how it is affecting everyone around the world which she was recognized by the House of Representatives, Senate and Judicial Court for her work and awarded a plaque and many certificates recognizing her as the most influential humanitarian in the U.S.

Accomplishing so much in such a short span of time, the young actress remains grounded thanks to her friends and family. In her own words, " Success lies in the journey, not the destination." Indeed, the journey of her burgeoning career has just begun. Before too long, we may look up to find her star amidst a sea of others, shines the brightest.




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