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Carol Connors

I have known Carol Connors for many years and ran into her at the Connected Gift Suite for the Teen Choice Awards this past weekend. I’ve always known her to be an amazingly talented woman, a remarkable singer, composer, and activist with a stunning personality. We discussed her past as well as what she is currently working on, and she shared some funny stories with me.

Hugh Hefner & the REAL Carol Connors with the other Carol Conners in the background

One funny story she told me was that there are not one but TWO ‘Carol Connors.’  One, my friend, the other one, a porn star. Many have gotten the two confused due to the spelling of the names. The other, Carol Conners is known for being in several films such as the Linda Lovelace film, ‘Deep Throat’ as well as other films of that genre. For years Connors has tried to get Conners to change her name a bit so the public could differentiate between the two. Connors speaks of a time when she sang for President Bush’s inauguration, both the first and the second. The inauguration committee had to reach her so they took a glimpse of ‘her’ website. The inauguration committee went to the other ‘Carol Connors’ website, and became apoplectic as they were thinking ‘Oh My Gosh, we have a porno queen singing for the President!’. Once the real ‘Carol Connors’ appeared the confusion was cleared up instantly.

Carol Connors at President Bush's Inauguration


Carol Connors & Dennis Weaver

Another funny moment took place at one of Playboys Mid- Summer Nights Dream party. Both Carol’s were in attendance. Right in front of Hugh (Hef) Hefner Connors said, ‘Hey Conners, what does the ‘L’ stand for – ‘Left Out’ “Conners then turned around and looked her square in the eye and said, ‘No Carol, it stands for ‘Luscious.’  Connors then replied, ‘You Win’, and never tried to get her to change her name anymore. 

Connors says it’s because of this very reason that ‘Conners’ will not use the ‘L’; it has caused her nothing but _ell!

Known for her ability to light up a room and take over any tune, Carol Connors, a woman of many talents is very well known for her singing abilities that have granted her many opportunities. Performing is nothing new for the two-time Oscar Nominated Songwriter. She has been in the spotlight for many prestigious events. It’s no wonder how she has generated an immense amount of buzz from years past to the present day.

Carol Connors with Larry King & Shawn Southwick King

Carol Connors has created several musical masterpieces, but most know her as the lead singer (THE VOICE) of ‘The Teddy Bears.’ Phil Spector was part of ‘The Teddy Bears’, he wrote ‘To Know Him is To Love Him’, which was mainly written to showcase Connor’s amazing voice. When Elvis Presley hear her her voice on ‘To Know Him is To Love Him’,  he said “I love her voice, I would love to meet her one day” and he did. Presley became her ‘FIRST LOVE.’ she is the only woman to ever write a hot rod song ‘Hey Little Cobra’, by The Rip Chords, and it went to number one. Connors's Cobra (the car) is today worth $1 million dollars. Connors also co-wrote the them from Rocky  Gonna Fly Now’. However my personal favorite song she or anyone wrote is ‘With you I’m born again’ sung by Billy Preston and Syreeta (Stevie Wonder’s ex wife.) CC wrote this wonderful song as a tribute to her love affair with Robert (I Spy) Culp.

Carol Connors & Sylvester Stallone


In order to give back, Connors went to Washington D.C. where she conducted a 117 piece orchestra at the Kennedy Center to the theme of Rocky to raise money for the “Wounded Warriors.” She then went to Key Largo to raise even more money by diving for dollars in honor of The Wounded Warriors where she wrote the song 'The Dolphins Are Coming - Let The Magic Begin.'


Miles Isaac Medow

To hear Carol sing her wonderful song which she wrote for her great-nephew, Miles Isaac Medow click the image below:

On top or bottom of all of this, Connors was just nominated for the best supporting actress in a documentary at the World Music & Independent Film Festival (WMIFF) in DC for the film “True Bromance.”

Under The Sea 4 Wounded Warriors

Connors is a two-time Oscar nominated, Emmy, Golden Globes and Grammy Award winning songwriter.

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