Brittany Glodean Concert Review – Energetic, Explosive, Magnetic!!

Brittany Glodean performs at the Whisky A Go Go

Brittany Glodean, aka BGlo, made her concert debut at the Whisky A Go Go with fellow solo artist, Anthuhny on November 26, 2013. 

BGlo exploded with energy, in a glittering pink shorts outfit, with her opening song “I’m Different.”  The song, a debut of electro-infused, bold, and hook-heavy hip-hop, perfectly showcased Glodean’s rap versatility.  She has proven she can hold her own with the likes of Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim.  This song, coupled with Glodean’s sensational pop and lock dance prowess, makes for an extraordinary show.

Brittany Glodean

Hold On 2Ur Heart” is a triumphant, glistening pop song and great fit for Top 40 radio. It was an explosion of sound, dance and color from start to finish with a massive routine full of hardcore choreography.  BGlo’s sheer alpha female force astounds where she leads the dancers through a skittering hip-pop, bouncy bubblegum and hands-in-the-air club fare routine– she brought the audience to life in her performance.

Brittany Glodean

Costume change – BGlo appeared on stage in a smoldering leather ensemble to sing a steamy duet, “Smile Like That” with rising pop star, Anthuhny. 

Brittany Glodean and Anthuhny

This song contains beautiful rhythmic and repetitive lyrics.  The R&B ballad grabs audience attention with its slow magnetism and chemistry.  Anthuhny’s smooth velvety voice coupled with Glodean’s vocals is an absolute winner.  Glodean definitely found her own connection with the emotion of the song and with her fans at the show.

Brittany Glodean

BGlo took a few moments to give me an interview after the show.

1) You worked hard to prepare for the show. What is included in prepping for a live show and how is it different from recording?

I love working and recording in the studio but my favorite is to perform live! Prepping for a live show is a lot of hard work! From the long rehearsal times with my lovely choreographer Tawnya Alhgren, to clothing fittings with my fabulous designer Kami Shade, it definitely is more time consuming then recording. Not to mention the day of craziness from getting my makeup done by my makeup artist Jo Rena and hair done by the fabulous Lydie, but to the sound checks, it can become very chaotic but in the end nothing compares to the feeling when I'm performing! In the studio I get into a more serious creative zone but performing live I get to open up more and be in a really fun and bubbly zone. And I really aspire to inspire others when I'm performing!

2) How did it feel to be on stage in front of your supporters and fans performing your own songs?

It felt AMAZING to be in front of all my supporters and fans! I really love to show them what I'm all about and what I've been working so hard on! It's a dream come true when everything you've envisioned comes to life on stage in ways more then you even imagined! It really allows me to also connect with them and interact with them when I'm performing, which is something they don't get from just listening to the songs. So being able open up and give my all on stage for them is something I live for!

3) What's next for you?

Well next I will be hosting and performing at the Up In Arms Comedy Fundraiser for the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles on December 8th, which I am soooo excited about! And once I do that show, I'm going back to the studio to get into my creative zone and make more music!

4) Anything else you would like to add?

Sometimes life gets hard, and you don't always know what is next for you, but as long as you know that God has a plan for you, you can never go wrong! Things happen, times get tough, but if you never give up, you will always succeed because failure’s not an option!!

For more information and music from Brittany Glodean, visit her website and YouTube channel.


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