"Brews Brothers", an exclusive interview with Brian Beer

Brian Beer of "Brews Brothers" sat down with us today at Suzanne DeLaurentiis Productions in Hollywood to discuss his upcoming film:


Brian Beer

1.   Did you have a particular role model or famous producer that inspired you to write your own film?  It definitely would be Ben Affleck and Matt Damon with Good Will Hunting. What those guys did back then with that script was inspiring. They continue to inspire with the careers they've forged. I'll never forget saying, "if they can do it, why not us?"

2.   What do you look for in a screenplay or story you’re producing?  I look for characters that are so fleshed out that when they go on their journey throughout the story, you can't help but go with them. Scripts with gratuitous nudity are a plus as well.  Of course I'm kidding, but not really.

3.   What advice can you give someone who is just starting out in the film business and interested in becoming a writer or producer? The three P's; patience, persistence, and perseverance.  Writing a good script is something that doesn't happen overnight. It takes a lot of time and effort. It takes patience. I say persistence because you're going to get told no a lot and you just have to keep plugging away. It only takes one yes. Perseverance because there will be a lot of people who will tell you it can't be done. It motivates you to prove them wrong.

Brian Beer

4.   Tell me about your activities outside of filmmaking? I love being with my family. I'm really into fitness, baseball, and golf.  Kevin makes me go on tandem bike rides all the time. He's really into that.

5.   What was one of the most interesting surprises that you’ve discovered about Brian during making this film that you didn’t know before?  Kevin really surprises me in two ways. One being that he will let me go off on a thirty-minute comedic tangent that makes absolutely no sense. And secondly, he can somehow sift through all the mindless babble and pick out the gem.  It's dazzling really.

Brian Beer

6.   What got you interested in becoming a writer and what steps did you take to make that happen? I still have short stories I wrote as a kid all the way through college and when my arm finally gave out on me during baseball, I needed that outlet to just do something, physically or creatively, whatever. It just hit me that it was time to put the ball down and pick up a pen

7.   What are common mistakes young filmmakers make? A common mistake new Filmmakers or writers make is that they think what they did is flawless and shouldn't ever be changed.  Constructive criticism is their best friend.

8.   Can you talk us through how you will go about selecting your next project? The next project will be determined when I put Kevin in a rear naked chokehold and he relents so I get my way. Yeah, that sounds good.

9.   When can we expect "Brews Brothers" on the big screen? 2014.  

Brian Beer, Kevin Mounce


 Official website: www.brewsbrothersmovie.com

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