Betty White's Rapping Debut

While it make have been U.k. Pop star Luciana’s big night, it was the legend herself, Betty white who truly stole the show.  At an exclusive event to promote Recording Artist Luciana’s latest single, an eager crowd was treated to a Special appearance by the Golden Girl herself who would lend vocals for the new song, marking not only her Rapping debut but also her emergence into the world of Music videos.  While the excitement built for the music videos release, Betty and Luciana posed with ‘ The Betty White dancers” (group of large body builders) before retreating to their private booth to entertain photographers and journalist like my self.

As the lights dimmed, a special miniature documentary was shown about the filming process was shown in which Mrs. White. Stated “ have never been in a music video before, it was all really quite exciting.”. All the while Luciana expressed her gratitude to work with the film legend turned pop culture icon. After a brief intermission was had, the music video was finally revealed much to the great approval of the resident audience, its combination of new age cinematic mixed with modern sarcastic humor (e.g. a Betty White body double break dancing) created a hilarious thematic story that entertained like no other. Though Betty only remained for a short while after the premier, the real event was an impromptu performance by Luciana herself and her signature electro dance style of music. After performing three of her hit song to a crowd of pleased dozens, Luciana remained to sample some of The Abbeys” trademark “zootinis”, which are essentially alcoholic key lime pie flavored drinks and especially delicious.


 The Trendy local hot spot truly delivered with a selection of tasty finger food such as miniature cheeseburgers, shrimp tempura shooters, and towards the end of the evening lovely single serve cheesecake squares. While the food was enough to keep the attendees satisfied, the open bar stocked to the brim with top shelf selections made sure everyone was enjoying himself or herself. Though I must admit I was surprised when I first arrived that a Bar called “ The Abbey” I admit I was surprised to see a jungle theme present, but with the motto of the night being “ I’m still hot” it seemed strangely relevant.


But it wasn’t all fun and games however, the event was held to raise money for The Lifeline Program which offers senior citizens the opportunity to buy and sell life insurance policies as well as the Los Angeles Zoo which offers…. well animals and the sort. Betty has served on the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association Board since 1974, and is very passionate about the cause. . While I can say I don’t visit the West Hollywood area very much, I will admit all an extremely good time had it, and look forward to seeing the growing success of Luciana and the always-lovable Betty White.


To view the music video for “ I’m Still Hot” visit

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