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Beau Dunn Interview - A True Hollywood Gem

By Meagan Sargent

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The Talented Beau Dunn


A woman of many talents, a jack of all trades, a true Hollywood gem: model, actress, and sculptor, Beau Dunn sits down and gets real with Splash Magazines.

Sargent: So I see you do a little bit of everything!

Dunn: Yea! I’m an actress, model, and a sculptor!

Sargent: A sculptor?! That’s interesting! How did you get into doing this, and where do you get your inspiration?

Dunn: Well I graduated from Pepperdine University, studying studio art. I actually do art on the side, its more contemporary art.

Sargent: Wow Beau! That’s amazing! Where can we find your artwork, and what do you hope to accomplish with your artwork?

Dunn: Yea, I really love art and am really passionate about it. I’ve had my artwork in a few galleries up in New York. I would love to maybe have my artwork in my own gallery one day. But at this point in time, it’s just something that I do on the side. You can find my artwork at www.beaudunnart.com

Sargent: Being born and raised in Southern California, do you think you have more of an upper hand verses someone from across the country that wants to become an actress, model, or in the entertainment industry?

Dunn: I definitely feel like I have an upper hand. I’ve been raised and surrounded with modeling, acting, and even art work. One of the major benefits was my parents. My mother was a model and actress. By the age of 4 or 5 I knew I loved fashion and I even started practicing my Oscar acceptance speech. My father was an art collector and loves art, so that’s where I get my artsy side from.

Sargent: Since you’ve been surrounded and somewhat immersed in this industry, do you think it sort of swayed your decision to do something outside of this?

Dunn: No, not at all. My parents were beyond loving and supportive of anything I wanted to do. I’m very balanced and grounded, and grew up having a very normal and healthy childhood. As long as I was working hard, they’d tell me to do whatever I wanted.

Sargent: Its always great when your parents are so supportive!

Dunn: Right! The only rule was that I had to complete high school. A lot of my friends dropped out of high school to pursue acting. Whereas I not only completed high school, I was very involved. I played: basketball, volleyball, and softball. Once my parents enrolled me in acting classes, I ended up having the same coach for 10 years.

Sargent: And your modeling?

Dunn: Right! Well recently I’ve shot editorials for Beverly Hills Lifestyles Magazine and GenLux. They should be coming out this month.

Sargent: Wow, congrats! So with your modeling, how did this really start?

Dunn: I really pursued modeling at the age of 18. I’ve done modeling for a lot of brands such as: Smashbox Cosmetics and JJ Winters, which is an LA Handbag. There have been some amazing brands. The modeling has been either wearing the product or where I am the face of the packaging.

Sargent: So with your career expanding like it is, would you consider moving to New York to engage more of the fashion and art side?

Dunn: I’d love to be bi-coastal. I love New York too, but I’m totally a Beverly Hills/LA type of girl. New York would be great for art work; however, LA will always be my home. Oh, and I didn’t tell you-I have a charity as well. It’s called Cure Lipedema.

Sargent: You’re just full of surprises! What is this charity about?

Dunn:  Basically the charity is to raise awareness of what lipedema is, it’s all about keeping people informed and raising awareness. Most people are not certain how lipedema is formed, and there isn’t even a cure for it because there are no studies in the United States. 10-20% of women, including young girls are diagnosed. We have had a few fundraising events that were put together to raise money to go towards research for a cure and why it is formed. We actually had a huge fundraiser in Toronto.

Sargent: This is remarkable, I know I do not know enough about this condition. It’s always great to earn money and raise awareness for something that affects a substantial amount of women worldwide.

Dunn: That’s exactly why I wanted to do something about it. I’ve spoken at conferences for various diseases, and I’d like to get a lot of doctors familiar with the disease. I knew I just wanted to help. It’s not a fair disease.

Sargent: Where can people keep up with you and your charity?

Dunn: You can always visit www.beaudunn.com for the latest information on myself, www.beaudunnart.com for my artwork, and www.curelipedema.org for our involvement and improvement with the ‘Cure Lipedema’charity.

Sargent: Thanks so much Beau! It was such a pleasure speaking with you and learning the ins and outs of your very busy life. I do have to say, I am truly honored and intrigued  by all you have going on.

Dunn: Thanks a lot Meagan, it was a pleasure speaking with you as well!


Published on Apr 07, 2012

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