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Angeline-RoseTroy - Rising Star on The Radar

By Meagan Sargent

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Angeline- Rose Troy

A young inspiration hailing across the globe, model and actress Angeline-Rose Troy sits down and gets personal with Splash Magazines on her life as well as her triumph to stardom!


Sargent: Modeling and an Actress-how do you manage to do it all?


Angeline: Well, honestly-it's a lot of balancing and prioritizing. I know I used to want to try to do everything-but sometimes you just have to realize what you already have lined up. My biggest thing is, cancelling. If I already have plans or am already committed to something-I will not cancel.


Sargent: That’s really assuring. That sort of reliability is what sticks out and makes you different from the rest. In my opinion, people will admire that and most likely cast you and give you more opportunities.


Angeline: I completely agree!


Sargent: What was your life like growing up? Was acting or modeling something you always knew you wanted to do?

Angeline: I was born in NYC, but lived in Florida, New Jersey, Tennessee and all around the country. I followed dad around the country, and began modeling in Tennessee. It was great because my mom allowed me the freedom and let me run with it.

Sargent: It’s always great to have supportive parents! Was there anything that inspired you as a child to pursue a career like this?

Angeline: I grew up watching Marilyn Monroe, and loved movies of the sort, sort of an intro to the world of entertainment. All in all, I'm so blessed to have the family I do that has allowed me to take a chance.

Sargent: You are the leading role in two films that are coming out! Congrats!

Angeline: Thank you! Yes, seriously I was watching the premier of 'Imaginary Friend', [released June 2,2012] with a bunch of my friends, and I saw the preview for my next release, "Who Killed Allison Parks" during a commercial break and seriously freaked out!

Sargent: That's when you know you are doing something right!

Angeline: It's very exciting!

Sargent: I bet, well congrats on both of those huge accomplishments! How did you get your start in landing a leading role for this film?

Angeline: Well honestly, after I graduated I knew I wanted to move back to Los Angeles. Richard Gabai, an amazing director, and I really clicked-he was also the director of Imaginary Friend. The one thing he told me when I walked in, was that I 'WAS' Allison Parks. So that, for me, was really exciting!

Sargent: That's great! Congrats again! I feel like things really do come full circle!

Angeline: Yes they do! At the premier party at Cafe Entourage the Vice President of InkTip and Richard got together and casted it, and here I am. The rest is history!

Sargent: Well I'd certainly say you are well on your way! Do you have any current projects?

Angeline: Well we just got word for distribution for another film I'm in, Everlast - which was screened on Saturday at the film festival. So that will be making its delivery date pretty soon!

Sargent: Wow! Busy busy lady! Side note: film festivals are so fun! It's where people can actually be themselves, kick back and enjoy great movies in great company!

Angeline: Yes, I love it here [Hoboken International Film Festival]! It's been a great experience! You get to meet some great people here, and sooner or later will see/talk to them again. One unique thing I like about film festivals such as this one is that no one has budget- so seeing collaboration with these films is awesome! I love it!

Sargent: Enjoy the rest of your time at the film festival! And congrats on your upcoming films! I can't wait to see 'Who Killed Allison Parks'!

Angeline: Thanks, it was great chatting with you!

Sargent: Likewise!

Angeline-Rose is truly amazing.  Starting out as a Ford Model and soon after headed into acting, starring on popular TV shows like "Law & Order: SVU" and also starred in a Broadway Theatre Benefit of "The Sunshine Boys" alongside Tony Roberts.  Beauty, talent, and smarts - Angeline Rose-Troy is on the radar, a force to be reckoned with, and a true Hollywood star!


Published on Jun 14, 2012

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