Camille Hollett-French - A Splash Exclusive Interview

As the entertainment industry continues to offer opportunities for multi-ethnic actors, Trinidadian-Canadian Camille Hollett-French definitely has Hollywood at her heels. The successfully established actor is known in Canada for being ethnically ambiguous and for going out into the world to seek her own opportunities.

Camille Hollett-French. Photo Credit: Ian Brown

In May, the actor performed live on stage in front the entertainment industry’s elite and won the inaugural Monologue Slam UK's LA Edition, held at the world-famous Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Camille Hollett-French. Photo Credit: Ian Brown

“I used a piece from one of my favorite plays, Cowboy Mouth. It's written by award-winning actor and playwright Sam Shepard, otherwise known as Noah Calhoun's dad in the ‘The Notebook’ movie,” said Camille. “I actually hadn't made the connection between the two until years after I discovered his writing, but I have always appreciated the piece for its brutal honesty and dark humor. These characteristics are what I often look for in projects I attach myself to.”  Camille’s chosen monologue received a standing ovation, and her winning the contest.

Camille Hollett-French. Photo Credit: Triforce Creative Network

Although Camille has been an artist of many mediums since she was a child growing up in the Montreal suburb of D.D.O., she made her Toronto acting debut with a small part in the play 'Oliver' when she was a teenager. She always knew she would be an actor, but it was experiencing the stage with such a large group of talented and driven individuals and nearly sold-out shows nightly that made her believe in the reality of it.

Camille Hollett-French. Photo credit: Ian Brown

“After that experience I knew where I fit, but I also realized no one was going to make anything happen for me. I had to do it myself, so I started my first classes at Second City Training Centre in Toronto, which has been a solid launching pad for actors, comedians and directors for over 50 years. I took the bus downtown twice a week and loved every exhilarating—terrifying—minute of it. Over the years I have continued my training, and honing my craft, with some of the industry's top instructors." explained Camille. Since starting her acting career, the seasoned actor has worked on several international commercials, TV and film productions, including the award-winning CBS period-fantasy drama, ‘Reign’, and the drama ‘White Night’, an ambitious feature-length film shot with five directors in one night during Toronto’s well-loved art festival Nuit Blanche.

Camille Hollett-French. Photo Credit: Matchbox Pictures

It was Camille’s leading role as Jessica Martin in the critically acclaimed indie-film ‘Kingdom Come’ that put her on the global map and made people take notice of the fresh-faced young woman whose fierce intelligence and unapologetic edge are sure to fast-track her to becoming one of the world's next stars.

Camille Hollett-French. Photo Credit: Ian Brown

When not filming, Camille has always made learning about the world through first-hand experiences a high priority. She's been travelling since she was 17, and often partners with non-profit organizations. The actor has taught English and art in Paraguay, helped build a community center in Israel and volunteers on an ongoing basis with a youth shelter in Toronto. “Nothing is more valuable a donation than giving your time," said Camille. "It is our most powerful currency. It should be used wisely, but freely.”

To find out more about Camille Hollett-French visit her officialwebsite 




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