Tammy Trenta and The Apprentice 5

Tammy Trenta was recently a contestant on NBC's Apprentice 5, and is the founder/CEO of Theresa Kathryn Inc., a business bag line for women. There were speculations of her being engaged to Apprentice winner Sean Yazbeck after the final episode.  I had a personal interview with Trenta herself, and asked her first hand about her experiences on the Apprentice and her new bag line.  According to Trenta, they are not engaged and never were. 'Donald Trump planted that seed on TV, and the media ran for it,' she said.  As a result, her website received 80,000 hits after the show aired.  They are dating, but both have been traveling a lot and haven't been able to spend as much time together. 

At first, Trenta thought Yazbeck was a little bit of a player.  She was cautious because she thought he might use that to manipulate the situation.  Their strategies were very similar.  Both wanted to get along with everyone, and both tried not to get involved in any of the outside drama on the show.  Ultimately, he was the one who was there for her when she was feeling very isolated, and she enjoyed being around him all of the time.  'Your relationship develops very differently in real life,' Trenta said.

When Donald Trump's Apprentice first aired, Trenta's friends kept telling her that she would be great for the show. 'It started out as a friendly bet, but it soon became my reality,' she said. Six months earlier, Trenta founded and created a company, Theresa Kathryn, Inc., which designs luxurious lap top bags and business cases for women. (Please click here to read more about Theresa Kathryn, Inc.)  She knew it would raise awareness for her company, and it would be a great opportunity to test her business skills.  She decided to try out for the show.  'When I say I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it,' she said.

Trenta was chosen to be on the show, and found she learned the most through the other contestants.  She said it would have been a rewarding experience to work for Donald Trump, but she didn't necessarily compete on the show for that sole reason. It was also for the experience to compete with other personalities.  She said although all of the contestants on the show were very different, they also were very similar.  'Even as simple as chopping vegetables, everyone had their own particular way of doing things.' 

Trenta said she knew her team members were trying to knock her out, and she gave them credit.  'With no sleep, little time to eat and 10 million people watching, there is a lot of pressure.'  Although Trenta did not win the competition, she learned a lot through her experience.  'It was a humbling experience to go face to face with your weaknesses,' she said.

Outside the lines of the daily business grind, she is a self-professed adrenaline junkie regarding all things outdoors, such as snowboarding, rock climbing and skydiving.  Skydiving has given her the biggest adrenaline rush.  She said she takes all kinds of risks in business, but they are calculated and strategic. 'Skydiving is a liberating experience.'  She went skydiving at Lake Elsinore, CA, and even heard Ivanca Trump stopped by and braved the free fall as well.

Trenta loves to cook. 'Lately I haven't have time, but my favorite meal to cook is spaghetti and meatballs.'  She said she's great at cooking Italian food, and has a special recipe for the sauce and meatballs.  Trenta loves to invite people over to have dinner with her friends.  So many people ask her about the show, and it's relaxing for her to have a couple of glasses of wine and catch up with friends.

With so many accomplishments at such a young age, it will be interesting to see what Trenta dabbles into next.  After meeting Trenta and hearing about her life accomplishments, I can guarantee that we will be hearing Trenta's name in the business world for a long time to come.

To view the line of business bags, please visit the Theresa Kathryn website at: www.theresakathryn.com

For more information about the Theresa Kathryn Foundation, please visit: www.theresakathrynfoundation.com

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