Stoney Baloney - High Times Magazines Annual Awards


September 28, 2005 - New York City - Among the many celebrities to walk down the green carpet at the Annual High Times Magazine Stony Awards, Chris Night, better known as Peter Brady from the Brady Bunch, escorted Adrianne Curry, reality television icon and winner of America's Next Top Model, season one.

Chris Knight - Adrianne Curry

The stage was set ablaze at Club Spirit, one of New York's premiere pot-friendly nightspots, near the Hells Kitchen district, a fitting location. Even though Marijuana is illegal to smoke in the state of New York there were plenty of people smoking the kind bud. It was rumored that some was even passed out to attendees in tiny plastic cups. The crowd was very friendly and humorous, probably due to the fact that the air was spiked with a hint of second hand ganja smoke, which is known to have that effect on some people.

Smoking a Joint in Public - Stony Folk

High Times personalities and presenters Vaporella and Bobby Black stole the show with a display of royal high-ness and acts of cute yet disturbing clumsiness. The presenters were as entertaining as the crowd of young blood-shot eyed spectators yelling out," Take it off!" and " you can do it!" while the presenters or winners spoke.

Vaporella - Bobby Black

Hosted by spleepy eyed Tony Camin of The Marijuana-Logues, the Stony's turned out to be a 10th rate award show and smoke-fest which strongly emphasized the legalization of Marijuana, even though most were smoking without prescriptions anyway. After a lengthy delay, the show started with Camin taking the microphone and was later filled with a few tasteless jokes by presenter and TV personality Greg Wilson.

Tony Camin - Greg Wilson

Among the winners of a Stony award were Adrianne Curry of America's Next Top Model for "Best Top Model", Dave Chappelle of the Chappelle show for "Best TV Show", Joe Rogan of Fear Factor for "Best Reality-TV Show and Host," director Danny Leiner and actor Kal Penn of Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle for "Best Stoner Movie," and "Best Pot Scene & Soundtrack," actor Christian Campbell of Reefer Madness for "Best Made-For-TV-Movie," original Z-Boy Tony Alva of Lords of Dogtown for "Best Movie," actor Bill Murray of The Life Aquatic for "Stoner of the Year & Best Actor," among others.

Stonys Award made by Jedi Glass

The Stoneys was a drug and alcohol infested stab at New York's finest lack of interest in regulating the use of Maui-Wowie inside its public halls, or just a fun time with bad elements.

All photos By Zain Shah


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