She called you a lesbiaking omarossa-talking dorito? A list of the latest words and phrases you need to know!

The bootilicious pop princess was rolling in the bling-bling.  I'm sure you know what that means, but if you didn't you could look it up in the Oxford Dictionary.  That's right, the traditional dictionary is now including snappy hip slang like bootilicious, bling-bling, bada-bing and brazillian (as in the grooming specialty - not the S. American country).

So in the hope that pop-culture and celebrities will continue to dictate the way the English language is spoken I have compiled my own list of new words and phrases that might some day show up in the dictionary.  You may not have heard of some of these words while others might already be a part of your trendy modernized vocab.   Either way, I encourage you to learn them, use them and love them.



1. v. - to date a significantly older woman
I knew she was my mom's best friend but I just had to ashton her.




1. n - a person on a strict no carbohydrate diet.

The tiny actress was a complete carbophobe ordering a porterhouse steak with a side  of bacon.

1. n - new trend of books written by contemporary women about the problems in their lives.   These problems include men, fat, food, love, work, marriage, and shopping.  Often  imported from England or set in New York City. 
Examples are Bridget Jones's Diary and See Jane Date.
The Devil Wears Prada is real chicklit.

1. v - on-line dating
The couple had been compudating for two months before they ever saw each other.

1.  v - hating a date you originally met on-line
When Marissa set her date's shirt on fire it was obvious they were suffering from compuhate.


cucumber roll
1.  n - boring person
Phoebe, who was used to dating rock stars, dumped Ben last night because he was such  a cucumber roll.


1. n  - an extremely hot older woman 
Your grandma is a demi and I want to take her to my prom. 



1. adj- cheesy
Britney looks so dorito in her hot pink daisy dukes and pig tales. 

dubious duo
1. n - two people in a unbelievable  relationship.  Think Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley, Gene Simmons and Diana Ross, Lyle Lovett and Julia Roberts, and Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman.
It's hard to believe that the dubious duo of Liza Minnelli and David Guest ever had sex.

drunk dialing
1. v - to call someone when intoxicated (often for a booty call)
Justin heaved on the couch after repeatedly drunk dialing his ex.


F&O 1. n - Felix & Oscar : Bizarre celebrity pairing that strangely makes sense (either for romantic or work purposes).  Think White Stripes Jack White and country singer Lucinda Williams. 
Courtney Cox and David Arquette are an F&O who have great sex.




1. n - A pet that is treated like a real child
Paris's  Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, is a spoiled furkid.




generation XL
1. n - New generation of overweight and obese children
Generation XL loves their supersized McD's.


1. n - terrible, over-hyped movie
The Alamo and Glitter were real giglis.

1. n - a self-proclaimed straight person who likes to experiment with people of the same sex.  Examples are Blondie and the girls of Girls Gone Wild.
Samantha told me that she was heteroflexible and wanted to have a threesome with me and my boyfriend last night.


1. v. - to starve yourself
Ever since Aidan broke up with her she's been lauraflynnboyling down to a toothpick.



1 v. - to fake being a lesbian to gain male attention, straight women kissing in public.    Example, Madonna and Brittany.
I was lesbiaking with Sydney all night at the party and Brandon still did not notice  me.



lookaway lips
1. n -  refers to a couple whose public kissing makes others cringe.  Again think Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley and Liza Minelli and David Guest.
At the MTV Movie Awards they tried to pretend they were in love but they had real  lookaway lips.


1. n - the growing number of Hollywood celebrity moms. 
Examples - just about every actress in Los Angeles
The park was a real mommywood, filled with actresses clutching their babies and prada bags while  talking to their agents on their cell phones.


1. n - the problem of celebrities mistakenly showing their breast on camera. Think the wardrobe malfunction, Lindsey Lohan, and Alexandra Kerry.
Ryan went to the concert with hopes of seeing a nipslip.

1. n -  a lie
Rachel told you those where real? What a complete omarosa!
2. adj- be affected with madness/act like total crazy person
When I tried to break up with Miranda she went so omarosa on me.

1. n - something that never gets turned on
After Ryan started to take prosac he became a total pax.
1. n - major flaw or missing element in the plot of a story. 
Liza and David's marriage had a big plothole.

1. n - shows that pretend to be strict entertainment when they are really (at least in  part) long commercials
After I saw the fifteenth Coors Light reference I knew The Restaurant was really promotainment.



1. n - a person addicted to reality shows
Courtney will not go out on Wednesday nights because she has become a realityslave  to The Bachelor.




1.adj - lacking all personality, originality. 

Comes from Mr. Smith of The Matrix.
Unfortunately, my boyfriend is a real smith in bed and I fall asleep before he's  finished.



sour apple
1. n - weird celebrity baby name.  Examples are Jermajesty, Rumer, Sailor Lee, Wildhorse,   Diezel, Denim, Prince Michael, Prince Michael ll (AKA Blanket), Tu Morrow, Pilot  Inspektor and of course, Apple.
Prince Michael is a sour apple.

stepwife / stephusband
1. n -  the new wife/husband of your ex-spouse.  Examples are Madonna and Robin Wright-Penn, Nicholas Cage and Michael Jackson, Dennis Rodman and Dave Navarro.
My new stepwife is a total biatch.

tuna fish incident
1. adj - moment of complete stupidity.  Originated when Jessica Simpson didn't know whether Chicken of the Sea meant she was eating tuna fish or chicken.
I had such a tuna fish incident when I forgot my fiancé's mom's name in front of  everyone.

1.n -  the growing trend of celebrities killing themselves in their videos.
Examples are Britney Spears, Jay Z, and Axl Rose.
If I see one more videocide I'll want to kill myself.

1.abv - weapons of mass destruction: nowhere to be to be found.
My boyfriend, Collin, is wmd.  I haven't heard from him in 2 days.


1. v  - to go back and forth between being straight and gay. 

Think Anne Heche. 
She yoyosexualed her boyfriend and moved back in with Sally.



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