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A force to be reckoned with, Sam Sparro hits the music scene with the August 21st release of his debut album Black & Gold through Modus Vivendi Music.  The Sydney Australia native has traveled the world from Sydney to the UK to the US- making our very own Los Angeles his new home.  With a voice larger than life, Sam’s memorizing vocal stylings are exactly what the music scene has been missing.  Funky, hip and extremely danceable beats make this album one to pick up the moment it hits the stores. With a unique blend of 70s soul grooves, 80s freestyle beats and 90s garage, he has created a sound all his own that will hold your ears hostage and have you begging for the release of his next album.  His music is like Marvin Gaye meets Curtis Mayfield with electro beats sounding off in the background.  Recently, the effervescent Sam Sparro was kind enough to sit down for an interview with Splash Magazines Worldwide so that I could find out more about this exciting new talent and help bring his music to your ears.


The one and only Sam Sparro

Erika: Congratulations on the upcoming release of your album Black & Gold, what inspired you to create it?

Sam: It just got to a point where I didn’t want to wait for permission any longer so I talked about it to my best friend and co-producer Jesse Rogg who has the label, Modus Vivendi Music, and we were like, let’s just put it out on the label and see what happens.

Erika: So, on your MySpace web site you have a lot of different artists listed as being an inspiration to you.  What are the top three if you had to name them?

Sam: Prince, I really, really, really love Chaka Khan like a lot, a lot, a lot, like so much and maybe somebody like David Bowie or Björk somebody weird and off the wall like that.

Erika: So who’s your favorite singer?

Sam: My favorite singer really honest to God is probably Chaka-Khan just because what the f*** is that?  It’s like devils and angels singing at the same time.


Erika: Do you write all of your own lyrics?

Sam: Uh-huh, I write all of my own lyrics.

Erika: I already know some of your songs by heart, they’re so catchy.

Sam: That’s so cool, I’ve been getting a lot of people asking me to tell them what the lyrics are in certain places they’re like “What is it right there?”  Like the first line in the song “Sick” is “Darling your brow is wet you’ve got a fever…” and somebody thought it was “Darling your proudest when you’ve got a fever…”  It’s like every Michael Jackson song, you’re like what?  I don’t know, but I like it!

Erika: What’s your favorite song on the album and why?

Sam: My favorite’s Black & Gold because I put so much work into it and it just sounds so good every time I listen back to it.  I’ve heard it so many times, and I still think it just sounds really good.


LOVE Dalston style

Erika: What can your fans expect from your upcoming album?

Sam: Well, it’s really eclectic.  It kind of covers the gamete from funk to electrode to new wave.  I guess in a lot of ways it’s kind of like an ode to the 80’s but more updated with my own personal point of view and lyrical style.

Erika: What was the best part of making the album?

Sam: Finishing it! It was just nice to have something done that you can’t do anything more to because you can sit there forever and try and fix things and change them, but once something’s finished and you just let it go it’s like having closure.


Erika: How long have you and Jesse (of Modus Vivendi Music) been friends?

Sam: For over three years.

Erika: How did having his friendship help your career?

Sam: It’s good that we were friends before business because he’s very patient with me.  He knows how I operate and how I work and he has a studio too so it made it easier having him as a friend because we could spend as much time as we needed to there.  I’m very low pressure. I don’t like to be told what to do or when to do it. I like to take my time and I might be a little bit lazy (he laughs) but Jesse knows me really well and he motivates me. Our relationship has definitely gotten a lot more “businessy” since we’re in business together.  We have been very busy.  We don’t just work though, we do go out and party, but we balance it out we know when to turn the party on and off.

Erika: Who’s the coolest artist, if any, you’ve worked with so far?

Sam: The coolest artist I’ve worked with is Love Grenades who’s a friend of mine who I’ve produced some tracks with and she’s played in some shows with me and she’s just really cool.  She’s kind of like Debbie Hairy from Blondie but with pitch black hair.  She’s just really cool- she’s a great writer, a rock star.  You’ll be hearing from her really soon.


Sam & Krista at Love Grenades video shoot

Erika: What kind of advice have you been given about the industry?

Sam: Well my Dad and my Grandad were all generations of being in the music industry so everyone in my family’s really skeptical so I’ve definitely taken that on whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing. I’m kind of untrusting and skeptical of big labels and I think the struggle of being a creative person is the reward as well, like the satisfaction with the completion I was speaking of.  It’s a lot of hard work.

Erika: Are there any artists that you’d like to work with in the future?

Sam: I would love to work with Beth Ditto who is the lead singer of The Gossip.  She’s just this fierce voice and just know when she’s singing, she’s singing from her gut from her soul and from a place of honesty and that is so cool.

Erika: When’s your birthday?

Sam: November 8th, I’m, a Scorpio, when’s your birthday?

Erika: August 10th, it just past. Scorpios are awesome people.

Sam: August 10th? Oh Happy Birthday, so you’re a Leo, how nice I love Leos.


Who wears short shorts? Sam Sparro does

Erika: How has MySpace affected your career?

Sam: Well MySpace is great for me because it gives me a chance to preview things in how people are going to react to them immediately.  I don’t have to wait for a label or for radio.  I can just put it up there and immediately see and hear what people have to say about it- you know get feedback.

Erika: How would you describe your music in your own words?

Sam: Honest, witty, danceable and…rad (smiling).

Erika: What’s going on with your career right now, any news of any big record labels being interested?

Sam: We’re (Sam and Modus Vivendi Music) talking with a bunch of big labels but we haven’t signed anything yet which is good because everything’s wide open.  Everyone’s coming out of the woodworks and everyone’s interested in what we’re doing but we haven’t made a decision.  We’re just waiting for the right time- we’re planning it out right and we have some big plans in the next couple months to the end of the year to be putting out vinyl and we’re gonna be putting out some big name remixers and get the album out to as many people as possible to spread the word.  The main point right now is to build a solid base and get people to know me, and then we’ll have a lot more things open to us.  And because we are independent and we’re self contained we do everything ourselves and that’s the way the industry is kind of going so it puts us in a good position where we don’t need these massive corporations but of course we want them! We want them to like us! (laughing)


Erika: How did you go about developing your image?

Sam: Because I’m a clown (laughing).  I don’t know my image matured, like when I was a teen-ager I used to kinda just where anything whether it was just totally outrageous I think I always went for a bit outrageous. But now I’ve grown up a bit and kind of matured a little bit and I like things that make a statement.  My image just sort of came and developed as I developed on its’ own.

Erika: What are some of the biggest obstacles you’ve had to overcome with the industry?

Sam: People in the industry’s main objective is to make money and to make a product and so if you’re doing something that is too difficult to contain and to direct towards people, it’s hard for them to understand and hard for them to want to put a bunch of money into it.  Before I met Jesse, Capitol Records was interested in me and I met with them a couple times and they told me to get a bunch of songs together and bring them back to them and when I did they were like ‘We don’t get it, it’s like too weird’ and that was it. (Sam’s friends listening in the background add their two cents by yelling “Freak!” “Weirdo!” while laughing with Sam) I was just too advanced for them.  They wanted me to be like Jon B- they wanted to put me in a jumpsuit and kangol hat with a platinum chain and make me do R&B songs but it wasn’t me. “It wasn’t me…It wasn’t me…He even caught me on camera!” (laughing and quoting a Shaggy song)


Erika: What advice would you give to upcoming artists?

Sam: Do what you do and don’t worry about anything else.  If you’re an artists you’ve gotta do what you do, and do it really well.  Don’t compromise. Be aggressive…just be yourself.

Erika: What do you want the people to know about you?

Sam: (laughing) I love, love. I think it’s really cool to be generous and to be kind to people and I just think that’s really, really cool.  I think the worst thing to me is to be accidentally cheesy.  If you’re gonna be cheesy, do it on purpose you know what I mean?  That’s what I want people to know about me…if you’re gonna be cheesy, do it on purpose. (His favorite quote is “It ain’t easy being cheesy!”)



The release party for the album 'Black & Gold' is set for August 25th on Modus Vivendi Music. He truly is the next big thing.  Anyone who appreciates musical talent will recognize the gift that’s pulsating through their speakers when Sam Sparro plays.  He sends a positive message through his music with songs that focus on the social issues of the crazy world we live in like “Miss Rexi” or “Sick”.  I love Sammy so much his CD hasn’t come out of my car since he gave it to me! You can definitely catch me driving down Wilshire Blvd. bumpin’ Sammy in my ride. I’d have to say like his song “Clingwrap”  “I musta thought he was a snack, cuz I’m stickin’ to him like clingwrap!”  Can’t get enough of Sammy either?  Check out his MySpace page,, and personal web site,, where you can listen to his awesome music and get to know him for yourself.


Sam Sparro CD release party set for August 25 in L.A.

Sam Sparro Official Website

Sam Sparro on Myspace

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