Night Of 100 Stars sponsered by Sundoulos World Motorsports on Oscar Eve's

Sundoulos World Motorsports, owned by internationally celebrated racing magnate and automotive designer Barry Watkins, will co-sponsor Hollywood's annual gala 'Night of 100 Stars' on Sunday March 5th at the Beverly Hills Hotel (Beverly Hills, CA).  Well over 100 celebrities are expected to attend the black tie event, which is in its 16th year.  Directed by super-agent Norby Walters, the 'Night of 100 Stars' has regularly seen countless 'A-List' stars in attendance to celebrate Hollywood's Academy Awards, now in its 78th year.

Sundoulos World Motorsports

Barry Watkins notes that his company elected to sponsor this year's all-star party to showcase its work with global charities before a large gathering of influential celebrities, many of whom are driven to assist charitable causes in their own right.  'Sundoulos creates high technology 'concept' vehicles which we use to partner with worldwide charities to help provide a new life for those less fortunate.  By hosting this year's 'Night of 100 Stars,' we hope to offer many celebrities who are active in their own causes, an opportunity to utilize our exotic cars to enhance their own good charitable work.  We see it as a prime opportunity to mutually expand our philanthropic impact,' he states.

Watkins will be showcasing his remarkable SportStar™ race car/super street rod at the main entrance of the Beverly Hills Hotel on Sunset Boulevard.  Sleeker than the Batmobile and more exotic than James Bond's Z-8, the SportStar™ is powered by twin Harley-Davidson motorcycle engines.  It is the essence of speed, style and sheer sex appeal.

Describing his Company's mission-driven commitment to charitable work, Watkins notes,  'This supercar is the embodiment of 'Power on Purpose.'  We've built this car, not just as an automotive venture that has broken many industry paradigms about what a car has to be, we've done it to create a vehicle with such inherent 'hype,' that its literal horse power can be reconfigured to benevolent power through aggressive fund-raising.  By allowing other individuals, companies or charities themselves to use the SportStar™ as a fund-raising device, we're creating new opportunities to help more and more charitable causes than we could possibly assist on our own.' 

Watkins has incorporated his concept cars' 'super powers' to drive his visionary 'Power on Purpose Corporate Charity Challenge.'  The Charity Challenge is oriented toward securing broad-based corporate partners in an expansive, edgy and competitive global fund-raising effort. 

'By putting a new spin on fund-raising that is fresh, fun and dynamic, we hope to revitalize the good work of the charities we presently support and hope to approach these charities by offering them an entirely new way to reach potential contributors,' Watkins states.  Details regarding his 'Power on Purpose Corporate Charity Challenge' can be found on the Sundoulos website at

One of the charitable partners with whom Watkins is associated is global philanthropist Don Schoendorfer, founder of the Free Wheelchair Mission, a not-for-profit organization that, to date, has given away in excess of 125,000 wheelchairs to people in developing countries worldwide.  Honoured by President George W. Bush in 2005 and a current nominee for Reader's Digest's 'Hero of the Year' award, Schoendorfer is a champion of Watkins and his Charity Challenge and will attend the March 5th gala to endorse the benevolent work of Sundoulos World Motorsports.

In addition to his 'Power on Purpose' charitable venture, Watkins is presently developing a 'Power on Purpose' TV series which will skillfully blend an informative look at motorsports and automotive technology with guest appearances by everyone from local and regional philanthropic leaders to international figureheads in charitable fund-raising.  Hosted by 'Tamison,' an elegant model, committed mom and successful apparel designer, the series offers viewers an intimate and informal glimpse into the lives of real people with real passion for their hobbies, their work, their world and their personal charitable causes. 

Since 1971, Watkins has designed and developed high performance sports cars that have graced magazines throughout the world.  His "dream vehicles" have been featured in over100 magazine articles reaching countless readers internationally.  The Bizzarrini Design BZ 2001, featured in all major worldwide automotive magazines, was estimated to have been seen by more than 17 million readers.

Sundoulos World Motorsports derives its name from the Greek word for "servant," usually connoting religious or spiritual servitude.  Watkins embraces the spiritual aspects of his Company's mission-driven fund-raising efforts in a deeply personal manner noting, 'Sundoulos was formed to partner with charities in order to actualize the Commandment: Love your neighbor.   We're realists and know our charitable work can only address a small portion of the vast needs we see in the world.  But we are committed to making a difference, and that makes us innately stronger and more likely to make a viable impact.'

Additional information regarding the 'Night of 100 Stars' can be found at


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