Jill Place Interview – Acting Intuitive Coach and Healer

Jill Place is an actor, singer, acting coach and intuitive healer. She has studied with some luminary acting teachers such as Lee Strasberg, Uta Hagen, Sanford Meisner, and Jerzy Grotowski. She was a successful singer and actress, touring throughout the United States and singing in Japan. She did a few sitcom pilots, movies and TV shows as well as stage plays and musicals. After her desire to perform waned she began to teach and coach actors and perform her healing work.

Jill Place - actor, singer, acting coach and intuitive healer

Jessop: Tell me how you got started in your energy work.

Place: I’ve always been psychic and seen things. Even when I was a small child I saw white forms that I thought were ghosts. Then I had a weird experience in my early twenties with a house that was haunted. It was haunted by many things, it wasn’t really dark but it was odd, a really weird period for me. The parapsychological research society from UCLA came out to the house to investigate. With them was an acquaintance from a friend, who was identified as a psychic and I saw this form leaning over her. I was always aware that I had some kind of gift.

I actually began doing energy work around the time that I started working for Lee Strasberg. The method work opens you up to a lot of stuff because when you are sitting in that chair for hours on end you have to connect with you. So, I began to become aware of things and then it [life] was very serendipitous. If you see your spiritual path clearly, (because it is clear to me that it is presented to you), you can choose to go in to it or not.

My acting coach was a fabulous man named Walter Lott he worked with Lee [ Strasberg]. But he was really better in some ways, he was much more passionate and more eclectic, he was much more connected to other stuff besides method [work]. Lee was so strict in some ways. Walter was the one who introduced me to eastern religion-- Hinduism at the Vedanta church up in the Hollywood Hills. I went and when I walked in, I saw this truly holy man the swami who bought the Ramakrishna Order to this country and founded the Vedanta Society in Southern California was Prabhavananda. I thought that if this can produce him I need to stay here, so I did for a while.

Lee Strasberg

Also, people kept appearing in my life, I had this psychic friend for a while and she would come down from Northern California. I would book readings for her in my house in Long Beach. I was living with this very wealthy man at the time and I would open my house to her. She taught me a lot. She helped me meet my first guide, with whom I have since departed because he was kind of reckless with me. I also have worked with some Native American Shaman women. Through these [experiences] I have been able to see my path clearly. Its weird many of my older friends are psychics; my roommate in my freshman year in college is the psychic who I was talking about earlier. She was in theatre, I was minoring in theatre, and that was why they put us together in the dorm. It’s been a long journey.

The acting intuitive work is something that came from several friends who said you work intuitively with people you work on their blocks, you deal with their blocks and know how to remove them and you need to advertise yourself as that. I started doing readings only for actors because I felt like actors need all the help they can get. (laughs)

It’s because of the fact that actors go so deeply into the psyche. Really good actors channel characters in a way. You can’t tell me they’re not because I’ve experienced that myself. I started doing it [intuitive work] and I knew when I started that it was the correct thing to do. When you put it out there and you get so much response back it’s like yeah I guess I’m supposed to do this. I think my own spiritual journey as a human being and my psychic work has run out of that. In addition to the acting intuitive work I also do Native American medicine wheels, very powerful stuff.

Jessop: How do you start working with people? What do you do?

Place: When I work I center and meet my inner guidance. Auberon is my main guide, he gives me most of the information I receive on people. He actually came through from a trance channel with the psychic that used to come down to my house in Long Beach. He came through and kind of hung around with me. That was the beginning of my journey. I’ve never really been trained. I don’t know how anybody would start training people. I do believe that acting training is awesome for training someone for psychic work because you have to start noticing stuff, when you start noticing then you become very aware.

When people call me or email me and I explain what the process is and I start to pick up vibrations from them. I’ll talk to someone on the phone or send an email with a template explaining what will happen. I start to pick up stuff from people as soon as they book a session because then they are committed to doing it, I pick up stuff from wherever it comes from.

When people come to do the session (I actually do them on the phone too) we meet for the session in whatever way we are meeting. I usually speak with them in the beginning and what I’m really doing is less working with them on a psychological level, but I’m also picking up vibrations. I’ll talk with somebody and when I feel I’ve got enough information. I will usually have them do a guided imagery, which will help them get to a deeper state of consciousness. If there are any energy blocks in the body it enables me to remove them easier, if someone is in a deeper state of consciousness. If they are on the phone, I’ll have them breath and do some alpha state [conciousness] work with them and then I work with them on energy blocks and on whatever information that they need, which I give them from my guidance. I sometimes give them things that they need to do like protecting themselves. (You [ Paula] need to protect yourself, by the way stuff comes in on you a lot and you can’t get it off)

Jessop: It is very hard for me to shake it off

Place: Yeah. So I’ll give them things like mantras or whatever information my guidance tells me to give them. Everybody is different I never do the same reading. A lot of people are coming for life work but they also have questions about their career, their acting, where it’s going and whatever. The other thing I do is to co-create the session with everybody. I am not the kind of person who is going to give them a reading. That’s why I call myself an intuitive not a psychic. I want them to co-create with me. I lead them to wherever they need to go and usually that doesn’t seem to be a problem because whatever is going to come out, will come out.

Tools of the Trade

Jessop: What would be some reasons for someone to want to come see you?

Place: I can do things for people that they can’t do for themselves. I can’t do them for myself either. I need energy healers too. I have an amazing energy healer I’ve been working with for over 20 years. He’s my chiropractor, but he’s also an energy healer and so is his wife. We all need people, to help us because we can’t do it ourselves. So, if you’re blocked and you can’t move forward, especially if you’re an actor, and you try, try, try, try, try and you can’t move ahead, then you may want to call me. A lot of the actors I work with have some decent credits but for whatever reason they can’t seem to get past something. Usually it’s a limiting belief or an energy block or it could be a lot of things. So, people come to me who really want to move forward in their lives.

Jessop: Tell me about your guides.

Place: I used to have four now I have three I kicked the other guy out because he was causing me a lot of personal harm. His way of making me pay attention to stuff was by throwing me down. My guides are very near and dear to me and I talk to them almost moment to moment. I read book years ago and interestingly I had a client who met the author and told me about him, which was very interesting. I believe in serendipity that people come into my life to give me great information. There is this guy named John Mack who wrote a book called “ Abduction”. It was given to me years ago by another one of my spiritual healers, who was my therapist, not only my therapist but my healer, who I was with for twenty years. I read the book and there was this section in the book about alien twins. It just hit me “Oh, my god! I have an alien twin!”

Very soon after that I went through this experience in Santa Rosa with this psychic friend of mine and then Auberon came through and became one of my guides. The same lady had introduced me to my Native American guide, the one that is actually not here anymore. He was very destructive in some ways to me, his way of getting my attention was to throw me down, so I fell alot and had a car accident and all kinds of crap.

Anyway my guide Auberon is from the Pleiades. I can actually see him, he is this very tall good looking guy with a brocaded coat and he’s got jewels embedded in his skin. [She places her finger between her eyebrows.] He is kind of yellow and he loves to laugh and he is the one who gives me information mostly. I consider Auberon my life guide. I think all of us have the capacity to connect with our guidance if we only pay attention. Then another one of my guides; I was going to say gentleman, they do kind of feel male both of them although they laugh at me when I say that because they believe they are genderless. Maybe in their neck of the woods there is no gender. I don’t know.

The other guide won‘t tell me where he is from, but I know he is alien. I can see him he’s very gaunt looking and has long fingers and some very long spinning name. So, we both agreed to call him Anon and he gives me some incredibly deep soul level information. He doesn’t speak very often but when he does, whatever he says is very, very vital to whatever is going on. Those are the two guides who I speak with. Then I have this angel who hangs around and doesn’t speak I think she is just there to give me protection. She doesn’t give me any information. Those are my three that I have and both Anon and Auberon give me really good information to pass on to people. I think they feel it’s their purpose and they feel that it’s my purpose.

End of Interview

The Pleiades

I met with Jill and had a session. I’m not going to go into detail about it because we dealt with some things that were personal and I don’t want to share. However, the session went a little like this: I met with her and we spoke briefly about what it was I was looking for. Which was some block clearing dealing with my wanting to have a career in acting and yet not moving forward with it. We also discussed making money and being able to financially support myself doing something that I enjoyed. She gave me some suggestions and had me do some shadow work. At the time it was frustrating, I think for both of us because I just couldn’t get any information. She then had me lie comfortably while she removed some blocks for me. She did warn me that I needed to make sure I was protected energetically because I was very vulnerable after our work.

At the time of our session I felt nothing, but I continued on just allowing whatever was or wasn’t happening while she did her work. This feeling of not being aware of anything happening is not a new one to me. There are times when I do this type of work where I physically and emotionally am quaking, or crying etc. Then there are times where I get flooded with information, or images etc. But sometimes I don’t feel anything. I’ve learned to trust that the “I don’t feel anything different” feeling is ok, and postpone judgment till later. Usually when that happens in a day or more I begin to notice life just seems easier and things flow better etc. The results of which prove that something did happen but I just wasn’t able to “feel” it. I have a theory that when this happens it is because energetic work is occurring on an energy field that is not attached to the physical energy body or the emotional one and so I just don’t sense it like I do when it is on a more “tangible energy field”. Anyway back to my session with Jill.

After our session was over I went about my day as I normally would. The first thing I noticed was in the following days. I seemed to get attacked from angry people a lot more than usual, so I kept re-protecting myself like I was told. Then about a week later things began to slowly feel different. It was like things were easier and more opportunities flowed in with less resistance than normal. The most notable one for me was a brochure that came into the Splash Mags office for training in doing eyelash extensions. I immediately picked it up and just knew it was answering the question of what can I do that I’ll enjoy to make more money. Eyelashes were something that I never considered doing nor did I think I was qualified for. When in fact I am and subsequently I’ve taken the training and you can read my article on it here.

I called Jill to relate that things were looking up for me after our session and interestingly enough she said she’d had another client (an actor) the day after me. Who had a session similar to mine where it was difficult and felt like nothing happened then a week later he was up for a role in an episodic.

I’m a firm believer that everything is made up of energy vibrating at different levels/speeds. The speed of which makes things what they are. Example the molecules in a table are vibrating at different speeds than those molecules that make up you or I. Our beliefs we have about ourselves and the world are also vibrations of energy and when we have blocks that keep that energy from vibrating freely we have discordance or disease (dis-ease). When we clear up those energy blocks and the energy is able to flow freely. Our lives follow suite and things/opportunities/people flow more freely into us. This is the kind of work that Jill is speaking of in her acting intuitively work. My experience from working with her is that I now have more opportunities flowing to me than I did before our session.

Jill spoke a lot about her inner guidance and who her guides were. I thought it might be interesting for you (my readers), if you haven’t had the opportunity to meet your guides to do so. I went back and asked Jill if she would be willing to have me video her in guiding you on a meditation to meet your guides. Which she was excited to do. So if you’d like to meet your guides. Go into a quite place with access to your computer and get into a comfortable position either sitting or lying. Turn of your phones and put up a “do not disturb sign”. Take some deep breaths and start the video.

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To contact Jill Place you can call her at 626 765 6136 or check out her website at http://www.actingintuitive.com/

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