Celebrity Weblog a Hoax?

Someone in Hollywood is telling all.

An online journal writer claiming to be part of Hollywood's elite A-List is giving the inside scoop on work, women, and the high life.  But who is this mystery celebrity?

Is George Clooney leading a secret life on the net?

Ben Affleck, Owen Wilson, Jim Carrey, and George Clooney are among the most popular guesses.  Some fans are skeptical, claiming the weblog reads like the gossip of a Hollywood assistant.

He calls himself "Rance" as a play on the word rants, and has been writing since late December.

"Suffice it to say, I can tell you what it's like to see your picture on the magazine rack every now and again when you pay for groceries," he wrote in his first journal entry.

The mystery bloggist came to international attention when he granted the news agency Reuters an interview, conducted using anonymous e-mail addresses, where he only divulged he was  "not Donald Trump."

Rance likes to eat at Fatburger, hasn't been to Spago in awhile, and recently test drove a Dodge Viper.  He likes word puzzles and often gives readers questions to answer that will award them DVPs (Dodge Viper Points), which they can later redeem for an actual Dodge Viper he plans to give away.  He's fond of Joan Rivers but understands that many people in Los Angeles dislike celebrities.

Readers believe the clues point to actor Ben Affleck.

While he claims to change names and dates to protect his identity, a number of savvy Internet readers are piecing together subtle clues and posting their research.  An answer to one of Rance's puzzles seemed too similar to a Ben Affleck tattoo, one reader thought.  Another linked the "captain hoof" reference in the web address to an account executive now working in L.A.

Maybe he's Andy Kauffman, the famous comedian and hoaxster who failed to show up to a party in his honor at the House of Blues last month, twenty years after his death.

Readers may never know.

"I'd like this to be the sort of account afforded only by anonymity," he wrote. "And it that happens, if my identity were revealed, I'd quickly be selling grapefruits -- instead of paying $14 a pop to eat them -- on Sunset Boulevard."

You can view Rance's blog here:  http://captainhoof.tripod.com/blog/

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